NFC Tagify is Offering NFC Tags with “PassSystem”

September 2020, UK: NFC Tagify is a UK-based company that provides pioneering contactless technology solutions. These solutions are smarter other known methods of storing and transmitting information created till date. NFC Tagify provides PassSystem compatible NFC tags for utmost user convenience.

PassSystem is a software designed to help medical staff and home caretakers to record and update the patients’ records. PASS is a digital care management platform that provides a single view of care records from enquiry, medication, and task changes to reviews while automating the process of assessments.

PASS clients recognize three measurable benefits

• Enhanced Efficiency Benefits

• Reduction of Corporate Risk

• Exceptional Care

PASS sets the standard for digital care planning and management. It presents a top-notch service offering, which includes a lifetime functional warranty and service credits, as standard, in the event that either support or availability SLAs are not met.

NFC Tagify provides PassSystem compatible NFC tags. The NFC chip is a microchip containing just a small amount of memory and technology allowing it to communicate with other devices wirelessly via the antenna. The user of PassSystem can use NFC tags with it as, NFC tagging enables tracking of care visit attendance for reporting to the bill payer. This NFC tag consists of a chip and antenna.

NFC Tagify products are programmable that helps with qualitative contactless communication. NFC Tagify is one of the leading providers of NFC tags in the UK. NFC Tagify tags are available in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions compatible with required devices. To know more about NFC Tagify, visit

About The Company:

NFC Tagify is one of the leading NFC Products and services providers in the UK. NFC Tagify offers contactless NFC tags, PVC business cards, Ntag stickers, chips, anti-metal/on metal, and several customized NFC products. NFC Tagify manufactures products to comply with NFC Forum specifications. NFC Tagify also offers NFC tag encoding in bulk.



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