Opu Health Programs: Our Skin Hydration Program Proves Popular Among Opu Users As Eff

At Opu Labs, we are committed to bringing you innovative skin and wellness solutions. We understand that many of you out there want to improve your skin health but at the same time you do not have a big budget for skincare. Well not to worry, we have some solutions specifically designed to help anyone who has the will to change their skincare routine for the better. In this case, we are creating a suite of programs and challenges that anyone can join which are totally free but have proven to be effective in helping to improve overall skin health.

We hope to aid anyone of any age to find and track the real factors that impact not only skin health, but overall wellness too. Towards this end we have created what we call Challenges, which are short or sometimes extended regimes where we are trying to establish what kinds of impacts everyday changes can make to skin health. Our hydration program is a great example of simply adding more water to your everyday to help transform your skin because of the detoxifying and flushing ability that water intake has.

The Opu Hydration Challenge is a structured daily routine whereby our users log and track their daily water intake. Do a scan, complete a 2 question survey per day and at the end of the period you can see if being well hydrated helped your skin. Users earn 300 OPU after completing the Challenge. Sometimes it takes more than just a little effort to make lasting change. We know that even in the case of simply drinking more water everyday, it is actually difficult.

So let’s see the results so far. To date, we have had 250 users take the challenge and the results are amazing. On average our users’ acne scores declined daily starting at an Acne Score of 51 and going below 10 after only seven days of good hydration.

Most of us live a fast paced lifestyle where eating and drinking (as simple as it sounds) can be hard to maintain much less be healthy and nutritious. Opu can be used to not only help you keep track of what lifestyle changes do work, but also how good you are at sticking to any new regime in the real world. What’s more real world than a skincare program that uses only water as its core product!. No cleanser? No worries!!  Here we merely asked participants to drink more water every day and take a quick snap with Opu. More to come.

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