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While redesigned modern traditional costumes have a space in one’s collection, nothing beats the timeless charm of a good old saree. Indian women have been wearing sarees since they started weaving cotton. Thus, it is justified to call India the saree capital. Every area has its unique method of weaving and hanging the five-yard fabric outfit

Different types of sarees

You can wear different types of sarees for various events or functions. It is the country’s oldest and most trusted sartorial go-to, and combine it with the ongoing revival of historical weaves, and there is no way to go wrong with an attractive six-yard drape. Panna Sarees offer you the best saree collection. They offer you the following varieties of sarees:

  • Banarasi Sarees

Rich Banarasi weaves have bright hues, shimmering silks, sparkling highlights, and elaborate tapestry-like motifs anchored in history and drenched in elegance. The ‘Khandani’ Indian treasures kept for centuries (also claimed to have acquired references in epic books like the Mahabharata and religious Buddhist scriptures), Banarasees symbolize a sacred piece of Indian past – that keeps evolving.

Banarasi silk is a beautiful variation originating in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Banarasi silk sarees, made from Banarasi silk, are immensely famous across India and worldwide. Initially woven for royalty, they were handwoven from pure gold and silver threads and took around a year to complete. To make the saree affordable, the real gold and silver silk threads have been substituted with gold and silver colored threads.

Banarasi saree comprises beautiful designs and colors, produced on a handloom and sent all over the world. An Indian bride and a Banarasi saree have traditionally had a special affinity. Its extravagance, exquisite embellishments, and elegance have made it one of the top sartorial alternatives for a woman who wishes to dazzle traditionally on her wedding day.

There are several options available, including kora (organza) with zari and silk, georgette/chiffon, and tissue. Among all of these, however, pure silk stays the most prized, even though cotton, tussar, and linen are all gaining fame. Mughal themes like amru, ambi, and domak may be seen on genuine Banarasi sarees, along with beautiful floral and foliage motifs such as kalga and bel.

  • Printed sarees

Printed fabrics have been popular since the dawn of civilization. The printed cloth may be dated back to the fourth century BC in China, where shreds of evidence of woodblock printing from 220 AD were unearthed. As time passed, both block printing and screen printing grew increasingly popular across Asia, particularly in India and eventually Europe.

India has its indigenous printing traditions, such as the well-known Block prints and tie-and-dye processes, which produce strikingly beautiful designs. Trends in the fashion industry change with time. This guideline applies to sarees as well. Women of all social classes have embraced printed sarees, which come in a plethora of styles. Ladies dress in patterned sarees to appear distinguished and amicable. This is why the fad of printed saree has never faded. 

The printed saree design is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a spectacular appearance to everyone who wears it. Georgette, chiffon, crepe, art silk, tussar silk, satin, net, organza, linen, cotton, and lycra are some of the most popular fabrics. Printed sarees are available in various traditional and modern prints like bandhani, kalamkari, floral, polka, dabu, abstract and bandhej. 

The printed sarees are also available in a rainbow of colors, like beige, lilac, violet, peach, red, green, and many other shades. Printed sarees are a pleasant contrast from plain sarees as they put on a vivid exhibition of colors and patterns to breathe fresh life into a cloth.

  • South Indian silks and woven saree

South Indian sarees have their unique allure. They are well-known for their opulence and handwoven flourishes. Displaying a vibrant legacy in the connoisseur, they are particularly famous for their south silk sarees, which are prized property. These sarees are connected with wealth and splendor. Indeed, such is their appeal that discovering a variety of south sarees is an event in and of itself. 

Silk comes in various styles, ranging from casual to formal to bridal. And, without a doubt, each piece is beautifully created in such a way that it is a visual feast. Due to its rich and sumptuous fabric, South Indian wedding sarees have earned a distinct place for themselves and eventually make their place in every south Indian bride’s wedding outfit. While South Indian weaves are still used at weddings and other festive occasions, it is now worn by ladies all around the world. 

South Indian sarees are distinguished by their golden borders with gold zari dots, lush waves, and intricate designs. They have exuberant patterns like sun, chariots, or parrots. South silk sarees are of various types, like Kanjivaram silk saree, Tussar silk saree, Mysore silk saree, and Gadwal silk saree.

Panna Sarees is a fashion brand that sells traditional clothing. Their clothes are a great work of craftsmanship and assure quality and style. At Panna Sarees, you can buy designer sarees online with a variety of designer saree collections. They will become your go-to place to buy printed cotton sarees online India and various other types of designer sarees like- Banarasi sarees, South Indian silk sarees, embroidered sarees, and Swarovski sarees.



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