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Introducing The Big Dink – Your New Pickleball Destination

Hold your horses, this isn’t just any ordinary paddle – it’s got some key features that make it great! Not only does The Big Dink come with two paddles and four pickleball balls, but it also comes with one pickleball backpack! It has all the essential features you need to get started playing pickleball right out of the box and save you time in shopping around.

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a game where players use a paddle and hit a perforated plastic ball back and forth to each other on a court. It’s similar to badminton, but played on a smaller court and with fewer rules. It can be played indoors or outdoors and is typically enjoyed by people of all ages, skill levels, and genders. It is the fastest growing sport in the United States with more than 3 million players. What Is Our Goal?: We have launched this Kickstarter campaign to create a premier pickleball destination called The Big Dink.

 We are launching with custom paddles and selling them as a set which includes two paddles, four balls, one bag. In this way we will raise money for marketing costs, building improvements (like adding a pickleball court), equipment, and any necessary capital expenses like air conditioning and heaters for our building.

How To Play

Pickleball is a relatively new sport that combines aspects of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It’s really fun and easy to learn but it can be difficult to find people to play with at times. We’re here to change that! With our custom pickleball paddle set, you’ll be ready for a game anytime.

Paddles 101

Pickleball is a game like no other! It’s played on a badminton-sized court with two to four players, and the object of the game is to score points by hitting a perforated plastic ball over the net with your paddle. The problem is that pickleballs can break if hit too hard, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good quality paddle. In this blog post we’re going to walk through what makes an ideal pickleball paddle set.

The Best Paddles For Beginners

Pickleball has taken the country by storm and it’s never been easier to give it a try. Our new pickleball paddle set will have you playing the game in no time, with all the basics included! We’ve got everything you need to get started: 2 paddles, 4 balls, and a convenient carrying bag.

Choose From Our Set or Create Your Own

Pickleball is a fast-paced, fun sport that’s sweeping the nation. It’s the fastest growing sport in America and we believe it will continue to grow as an alternative to tennis or badminton. We’ve created an experience for pickleball players that includes custom paddles and balls. All of this is included in one set which you can purchase today!

A Great Bag For On-The-Go Players

Pickleball is a game on the rise and it’s never been easier to enjoy pickleball on the go. Introducing, The Big Dink, your new pickleball destination. We know you’ve got places to go and people to see so we made sure that our bag was specially designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around. Packed inside are four balls and two paddles, giving you everything you need for a game of pickleball. Whether you’re headed up a mountain or over the river, this bag will come in handy when playing on-the-go!

Stay Safe on the Court With Mouth Guards

One of the most common injuries in pickleball is a dental injury. When you play pickleball, there’s a chance that a ball could come off the paddle and hit you in the mouth. Mouth guards are one way to help protect your teeth and your smile. Mouth guards should be worn when playing any contact sport to reduce your risk of sustaining dental injuries.



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