heat exchanger manufacturer in Ankleshwar
heat exchanger manufacturer in Ankleshwar

As a global technology leader in the development and manufacture of plate heat exchangers, we have one of the most extensive product ranges on the market. Our diverse product spectrum ranges from gasketed and soldered to fully welded plate heat exchangers. From standardized solutions to process-optimized model series that are unique in their diversity and special function, we can offer you the right product. That makes us an absolute specialist – also when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications.


Plate heat exchangers, which are also called plate heat exchangers, are used for indirect heat transfer between two media – for example fluids. These are separated from one another by a stamped plate. The plate heat exchangers consist of various heat transfer plates that are screwed, soldered or welded together.

he individual plates of the heat exchanger are arranged in packages so that a flow gap is formed through which the warm and cold medium alternately flow. In this way, the thermal energy is transferred from one medium to the other. It is essential that the individual media do not come into direct contact with one another or mix. If the heat-exchanging media flow in opposite directions in the flow channels, as is usually the case, one speaks of the counter-flow principle, otherwise the principle of co-flow. With some fully welded designs there is also the cross-flow principle. For all variants, the special shape of the plates creates a turbulent flow.

Plate heat exchangers: construction and application

In principle, the function of our various plate heat exchangers is similar. The only differences are in terms of the configuration or structure and the materials used – depending on the purpose for which the heat exchanger is required. Brazed plate heat exchangers are small, compact and are preferably used in house and refrigeration technology (HVAC). Sealed plate heat exchangers can be optimally and flexibly adapted to the requirements of our customers and expanded if necessary. This is particularly advantageous in the chemical, food technology and marine industries. Welded plate heat exchangers impress with their high pressure and temperature resistance and are therefore preferred for use in the oil & gas industry.

heat exchanger manufacturer in Ankleshwar

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