Practical Approach For Converting DBX to PST Files with Attachments

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Introduction: In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of converting DBX to PST files with attachments seamlessly. This conversion can seem complex, but with the right tool, like the DBX File Converter, it becomes a straightforward task.

Distinguishing DBX Files from PST Files

Before we delve into the conversion process, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between DBX and PST files.

  1. DBX Files: These are data files used by Microsoft Outlook Express, storing all your Outlook Express data, including emails, contacts, and calendar items.
  2. PST Files: PST (Personal Storage Table) files are used by Microsoft Outlook to store all your Outlook data, encompassing emails, contacts, and calendar entries.

The primary difference lies in compatibility; DBX files are exclusive to Outlook Express, while PST files are used in Microsoft Outlook. To convert DBX to PST, you’ll need a reliable third-party tool.

Reasons For Converting DBX to PST

Numerous scenarios prompt users to convert DBX to PST. Common reasons include upgrading to a newer Outlook version, switching from another email client to Outlook, or the need to import emails into Outlook. During this process, it’s essential to consider a few key factors.

Keep in mind that not all data is transferred during the conversion. Emails marked as “deleted” in DBX won’t be imported into PST. Draft emails will only be imported as drafts, not as complete messages. So, review your data to ensure crucial information carries over before initiating the conversion.

Also, note that the conversion duration can vary depending on the number of emails in your DBX file. If you require immediate access to your emails after conversion, consider using a third-party tool for a quicker process.

The Best Tool for Converting DBX Files to PST

When it comes to converting DBX files to PST format, the Softaken  DBX to PST Converter stands out as the most reliable solution. It ensures a seamless DBX to Outlook PST Conversion process while preserving all attachments and formatting.

Steps to Convert DBX Files to PST:

  • Download and install the Softaken DBX to PST Converter. Open the tool and select “Email Data Files” followed by “DBX files.”
  • Upload your DBX files into the tool’s interface and preview them. You can apply filters if needed.
  • Click on the “Export” tab and choose “PST” from the list of options.
  • Specify the location where you want to save the data and click “Save.”

Top Features of Softaken DBX to PST Converter:

  • Quick and easy conversion of DBX files to PST format
  • Preservation of all email properties and attachments
  • Option to select specific folders for conversion
  • Creation of a new PST file or addition to an existing one
  • Compatibility with all versions of Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook


Converting DBX to PST files with attachments is made simple and efficient with the Softaken DBX to PST Converter. Whether you’re upgrading Outlook versions or migrating from another email client, this tool ensures a hassle-free conversion process.



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