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Preventing ventral hernia

Defective healing can be due to wound infection in the postoperative period, poor nutritional support, excess straining, violent cough, lifting heavy weights, etc during the healing period. Patients notice a bulge over their abdomen especially on coughing or straining. The contents of the abdomen namely the bowel or the apron over the bowels called omentum can protrude through these defects. If the contents do not go back easily on lying down is to be taken seriously. Like any mechanical defect, this hernia will not become alright with medical treatment. Surgical repair alone is the answer to the problem. Hence prevention of the ventral hernia is very important. The surgeon operating on any patient should take all these factors mentioned above and make every effort to prevent the hernia. Patients also should understand the importance of preventing postoperative hernia by following the advice sincerely given to them.

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