Safe Surfing – Basic Surfing Rules To observe

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Even the best surfers can never overlook safety rules when surfing. If your lessons are guided by experts, you are already aware of these rules. These are basics that ensure your safety. These are important guidelines that guarantee you get to enjoy safe surfing mode.

You can best select a good surfing instructor via Baja Cali Surf school online. An expert trainer can guide you best to maintain safety on your own. It is important to respect the sport. Following basic rules will keep and others safe in the water.

Never surf under alcohol effect

The first basic rule is that you should surf to relax. Surfing can be a great sporting event for many. People of all age groups enjoy this activity. Some want to enjoy this activity out of the box.

If you decide to surf after having alcohol, it can lead to dangerous outcomes. This is one activity that may need your full presence of mind. It is not possible to surf if your mind and body are not coordinating normally.

Being high under the effect of alcohol will always affect the mind to body coordination. You are risking your life when surfing under such conditions.

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Stay alert

Surfing is always enjoyed out in the open sea. The favourable conditions may change at any instance. You are always surrounded by other surfers. Some of them are new to this activity. They may not be expert surfers.

This is where you need to stay alert. It is always best to select a safe spot to enjoy this activity. Avoid running into over-crowded spots. Go through the weather condition notifications before reaching for the tide.

Select your comfort zone

Every individual has a comfort zone. Some are expert surfers. They may always prefer high waves. Others are more comfortable surfing safely on smaller waves. The preference may not be the same for everyone.

You can get familiar with your comfort zone if you get proper surfing training. You can select the best Cabo San Lucas Surfing school. Qualified instructors can guide you best in selecting your comfort zone out in the sea.


Check with physical fitness

If you are injured then you may not be able to enjoy surfing. If you are not well then you may feel short of energy. This is why it is always best to check your physical health before you go out to surf.

This is one sporting activity that will require a lot of effort. If unwell then you may not be able to coordinate best. It is advisable to avoid surfing on the day you don’t feel well.

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Just like any other sporting activity, it is suggested that you should avoid surfing if you just had your meals. Try and maintain at least an hour gap between the mealtime and surfing activity. There are chances that you may feel dizzy if you are overstuffed with food.

Consuming liquid is the best choice. Good surfers always ensure they are never out surfing immediately after having a meal.

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The entertainment factor

Surfing should be fun and exciting for you. But your fun and excitement should not harm others around you. You need to consider this as one of your sporting activity. You can follow the best guidelines offered by experts.

Try and enjoy the sporting event even when undergoing training under the Baja Cali Surf instructor. Watch out for waves that make you feel more confident and comfortable.

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Use quality boards

The quality of the surfboard will always make a big difference. If the board is not of good quality, then it may get damaged when surfing. This could be an issue when you are a new surfer.

It is thus advisable to look around for one that is the best you can collect recommendations regarding board selections from experts. Professional instructors will always be willing to guide you.

Good surfers will always petrol the entire beach before they dive into the sea for surfing. It is more effective if you are familiar with the beach and the terrain. Take time and study the beach.

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Expert surfers will always want to take precautions. It may not be possible for you to enjoy it if you are not cautious.




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