SF Giants Pitcher Mark Melancon is Building His Dream Home in Mexico; Uses Stakes and Rope to Recreate it in Oracle Park

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A little over a week ago, SF Giants pitcher Mark Melancon got some rather unusual help visualizing how his new dream home will look like.

He set up a meeting with developer Ricardo Santa Cruz and his team — which flew in from Mexico, where they’re busy building his 19,000-square-foot tropical paradise — to consult with the baseball player on plans for his new home.

But since Mark Melancon wanted to get a better grasp of the breakdown of the space, he turned to a rather unusual visual aid: he took developer Ricardo Santa Cruz to Oracle Park, where together they re-created the floor plans for the mansion on the outfield using stakes and rope. And they seemed to have had a great time doing it too, with Santa Cruz seemingly giving Mark Melancon a tour of his soon-to-be home. See photos and read the full story on Fancy Pants Homes. 



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