Swivel Your Small Business Strategy during the Coronavirus!


COVID-19 has certainly brought changes that were unheard of before. From remote working to social distancing – the global pandemic has created an environment that is digitally connected yet physically distanced.    

With countries on lockdown and the global economy heading towards recession, small businesses and startups are the hardest hit. Generally, small businesses are prepared to fight any shift any crisis but this new virus has sucked the breath out of the world leaving it to struggle to stay on its feet.

Repercussions – small businesses could have to pay the heavy prices long after this pandemic has gone and that’s the reason you need to make a shift in your business strategy to weather the storm and keep the business afloat!

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your business is doing good through the pandemic and even better post it. These are the times when strategic leadership is called for, as a business strategy professional with a careful study and analysis of the market can create a business strategy framework. This strategy framework would go long in combating the crisis, coronavirus especially.

Along with how to keep your businesses afloat during this global pandemic, here’s how you can create a crisis marketing strategy to lessen the impact of the pandemic.   

  • Step further for your customers and instead of simply selling try to help them during the crisis. Your customers would appreciate it long after the pandemic is gone.
  • With the world going digital; what’s stopping you? Go digital and make your presence felt through online campaigns and messages. Ramp up your website and showcase your offers on the homepage itself.
  • Don’t narrow your thoughts to the present crisis. Think of future and growth. Plan your activities in a manner that reflects long time growth in the future. A business that showcases future growth is definitely worthy of attention. Play on your advantages during the crisis and you will be riding the waves of success long after this pandemic is over and the world would struggle to stand back on his feet,
  • While all the above-mentioned points are important; you do have to realize the most important resource in your organization is your people – your employees in other words – the talent pool that you have. Capitalize on them; empower them by offering them access to online training programs, flexitime and you would see how your businesses not only fights the crisis with an élan but also stays successful once the crisis is over.

With a marketing strategy – under the expert guidance of a strategic leadership – created to tide over the crisis, now it’s time to ensure that your business runs smoothly, effectively, and successfully. Follow these steps and you would have a business that cascades successfully through all the crises and obstacles.

  • Digital campaigns are your knights in shining armor embrace them with open arms. Online campaigning is reigning supreme during the coronavirus pandemic as most businesses are either shutting shop during the crisis or have slowed down. This is your time to take advantage of digital campaigns and strengthen your businesses. Thoughtfully planned and executed digital campaign can do wonders for your business.
  • Update your current business status on a digital listing platform so that your customers – existing and potential have a fair idea about what’s happening with your business. Whatever is the current status of your business – whether closing partially, change in operational hours – keep your customers updated through proper channels. You can also advertise the same through your digital campaigns.
  • Social media is your best buddy – don’t ditch it. These are times when social media is your best friend and treat it with respect, love, and warmth. You would be surprised to see the stupendous results. Keep sharing about your products and services on social media and you would have a business that would hit the ground running when all this global crisis is over and done with.
  • Sharing is caring – but know what to share and what to avoid. Information is priceless and if it is about coronavirus then it becomes precious. Your responsibility becomes greater during the crisis time.  Before sharing any panic-creating information check the validity of the source and the information. Trust only valid sources like World Health Organization for all the information on the pandemic. Don’t spread white lies as it could backfire and could be damaging to your business as well.

With these marketing strategies with carefully analyzed business strategy framework, you can rest assured that your business would be able to ride over any crisis or challenge thrown at you.



Written by Aileen Scott

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