The Dark Side of Social Media: Shielding Kids from Cyberbullying and Predators

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Posting cool stuff and getting more followers and likes is the new trend. Almost everyone is trying to follow. There is nothing bad in following the latest trends except the part where one should know the dangers or side effects. Following anything blindly without realizing the pros and cons is not good practice, but unfortunately, most of us are doing that. Especially when it comes to young kids and minors, they are following everything without knowing its effects on their lives and mental and physical health. Take the example of using social media platforms. It all started calmly as platforms that offer space for sharing fun and cool stuff with friends and followers. But with time, things change drastically. Now, these tools are used for blackmailing, bullying, stalking, and whatnot. All the positivity and shining stuff is drowned somewhere while people who misuse these public platforms are missing. Why? Because they think they can hide behind the screen and do whatever they want.

It’s not like these platforms have lousy privacy or security settings, but it’s about strictly following them. Most of the time, kids are careless about these things and end up in difficult situations. Parents have every right to worry about such circumstances about the kids as they are responsible for the safety and security of the kids.

Dark Side of Social Media:

Social media may seem pleasant and fun on the outside, but things are very bad. There are tons and tons of cases of bullying, stalking, fraud, blackmailing, and more reported. People reach the kids with sweet words but evil intentions. The only way to protect the kids from such sick-minded people is to keep them under the radar and keep an eye on their social connections. It is not that easy to follow the custom methods. Using parental control apps is a simple way to keep kids away from social media danger. Most parental control apps come with remote and real-time monitoring of social media Monitoring app. Living in this modern age is such a big blessing as everything is simply some click away, and the same applies to using parental control apps to keep kids safe and secure.

Brief Intro to Social Media Apps:

Though dozens of apps in the market offer social media monitoring App, some are worth the shot. The OgyMogy app offers excellent features that help parents keep their kids safe from bullies and predators. These apps come with multiple packages or bundles for all popular operating systems, including Android, Mac, and Windows. You only need to follow simple and easy steps and install the app on the kid’s device. The apps can be installed on tablets, laptops, cellphones, and even on the desktop as well. The best feature that makes these apps the prime choice of every parent is that it comes with stealth mode. That means all the services offered by the app are hidden, and the kid will never know about the installation of the app. Here is how you can save your kid from the dark side of social media and protect them from bullies and predators.

  • The parental control app like the OgyMogy app offers a detailed overview of the screen activities of the kids while using social media. All the activities are saved in the form of short video recordings and screenshots. The tools even offer real-time access to the target screen.
  • Facebook screen monitoring features notify about any suspicious text message, or media file through the messenger services. Parents can monitor the kids’ messenger activities and simply know if the kids are receiving any harmful messages.
  • The Instagram screen recording tool lets the parents know about any obsessed follower activities. You can know the chat details and find out if anyone is approaching the kid with sick intentions.
  • The Snapchat screen recording feature also allows the user to recover deleted messages. If anyone sends a threatening text or bullies your kid on Snapchat, you can know about it immediately.
  • Track the whereabouts of the kids by keeping an eye on the location-sharing feature of WhatsApp. Parents can track the group chat details as well with group members, date, and time information with the WhatsApp screen recording feature.  

Follow the latest trends and get your favorite app today.



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