The World of Modern Dating and Relationships

modern dating

               In the world of modern dating and relationships, most people tend to settle down too quickly. For this reason, most people end up in relationships or marriages that are not suitable and healthy for them. Maintaining relationships has also become digital where couples are able to connect with ease and to take things forward at a faster rate. The story Cat Person clearly shows how individuals in the contemporary world particularly the millennials have a tendency to get in relationships without even have the slightest trace of a physical spark. Research has been undertaken at why I want to be a nurse practitioner essay where the information provided clearly illustrate how Roupenian has portrayed the world of modern dating and relationships.

            The story Cat Person features two main characters Robert and Margot who enter into a relationship that eventually comes to an end. Margot is a college student who gets to meet Robert in a movie theater where she works. The story begins when Margot casually flirts with Robert, and the next time that the two meet at the theater, Robert goes ahead and asks for her number. Throughout the entire story, Roupenian’s main motive was to show how people in the contemporary world enter into relationships in a manner that is quick and one without a solid foundation. Eventually, individuals realize that they went wrong when it is too late or when they have advanced into the relationship.

            Margot and Robert enter into a relationship even without getting to know each other. The relationship evolves largely through conversations via texts. Soon the two develop a tendency to text each other frequently and Margot even notices that Robert was replying to her texts right away. However, the two never bothered to take about anything personal. Mostly, their conversations comprised of jokes and updates about what was going on in their life. This was quite inappropriate since it would be better if the two would begin by getting to know each other. Margot barely knows nothing about Robert, and she is even convinced that she is going to get married to her. Shortly after the two initiated what seemed like a relationship via their phone, Margot discloses to her stepfather that she is in love with Robert and that they are probably going to get married. At that time, the two barely knew each other and had only met for about three times.

            For relationships to last, each person must have a liking of the other’s person’s personality. In addition, a physical spark must also exist between the individuals that are involved. These two qualities create a sense of drive that helps people to find themselves in a relationship. When one finds themselves in a situation where they have intense feelings for the other person, it mostly turns out to be infatuation than love. This is the basis of most relationships in the modern world and it can be clearly seen from Roupenian’s narration. Margot and Robert are convinced that they are in a relationship where the belief is driven by mental fantasies that they tend to form about each other throughout their frequent texting. Perhaps, the author wanted to create an impression about the nature of experiences that millennials are having in their dating life (Navarro).

            Another issue the world of modern dating that the author has brought up is that with time, it becomes very hard for individuals to navigate and push forward. Since the relationship is not built on the right foundation, it creates situations that are challenging such as psychological torture and distress. For instance, when Margot and Robert are on their first date, Margot becomes very uncomfortable and worried about her safety. She admits that she knows nothing about Robert, and she is not sure whether Robert might take her to a place that is not safe and kill her. When the two go to the theater, Roberts ends up paying for a movie that is not interesting to her at all. It is also clear that Margot did not take the date seriously which was implied from the way that she was dressed. For the entire period on that date, they experience nothing that is exciting and when they decided to go to a bar, the situation gets nastier when it is clear that Margot cannot get into a bar since she had not attained twenty-one years. All these incidences are disappointing to both Margot and Robert since their relationship since they had miscalculated everything right from the start.

            Another issue that comes up is that in the modern world, due to the lack of a solid foundation, most dating and relationships usually come to an end in a manner that is very unpleasant. With time, individuals realize that things cannot go ahead and the only option that is left is to end the relationship. For instance, in the case of Margot and Robert, the two only realize that they are in the wrong relationship after having dissatisfying sex. At this point, Margot realizes that there is nothing she likes about Robert. The connection that the two had eventually started to fade away. In the end, Margot decides to rejects Robert and the story ends in a situation that is unpleasant when Robert calls her a whole. The main issue that the author wants to refer to in this story is about modern relationships and dating and how things turn out in the end. It is clear that due to lack of a solid foundation, most relationships eventually come to an end leaving the individuals involved in regret and disappointment.

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