5 keys for the protection of industrial control cabinets

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controlcab nema4 800x600 1

Cabinets and electrical panels are expensive. Poor maintenance of this electrical equipment can shorten its useful life and lead to another unforeseen outlay of money.

Read carefully below the ways to maintain your electrical control panel before the different factors that can deteriorate its operation.

room temperature

We all know that electrical equipment is very prone to damage if it exceeds the ideal temperature.

To improve the useful life of your electrical control panel, make sure that the average ambient temperature does not exceed 35º C.

In case the temperature rises, use coolers such as air conditioners or filtered fans to control it.

high humidity

Like temperature, humidity is also an enemy for these enclosures with electrical systems. Moisture can cause internal condensation that can lead to a short circuit or electric shock.

In the event that moisture is caused by the existence of ventilation slots, corrosion can seriously damage the equipment.

Using an air conditioner or cabinet heaters can remove moisture from the room.

The air pollution

Cabinets located in heavily polluted areas can be prone to corrosion and other types of chemical contamination that can reduce the life of your equipment.

Prevent contamination from reaching your electrical control cabinets. It uses advanced closed-loop cooling systems that can be of great use.

Water ingress and exposure to weather

The electrical control panel cabinet must not be exposed to weather and water. To avoid these harsh conditions, the cabinet must be equipped with filtered fans and cooling or heating systems to overcome heat and cold.

the dust

In very windy places, dirt and dust can clog fan filters and block the free flow of air, which can cause electrical equipment to overheat.

Excessive dirt can lead to poor cable connection.

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