Types Of Custom Vinyl Banners For Chicago Businesses


Vinyl banners are some of the most versatile signs you will find. They fold, they can be cut, can be printed on, rolled up, and carried around. It’s why there is such high demand for banner printing in Chicago. We have even continued to receive a constant stream of banner orders despite so many businesses being closed because of public health measures.

It’s no exaggeration when we say vinyl banners are one of the most inexpensive and most customizable signs. Personalized banners are used in a wide range of situations. Keep reading to find out the different types of custom vinyl banners you can get for your business.

What Are the Types of Vinyl Banners You Can Get in Chicago?

Here is a list of the top 10 types of custom banners used by businesses. Don’t see what you are looking for? Vinyl can be cut into virtually any shape, have any design printed on it. We even prepare vinyl artwork that can be pasted on walls and windows!

  1. Billboard signs – Large banners installed on buildings or pylon-mounted billboards.
  2. Bus stop signs – Static/rollable banners for bulletin boards at bus stops and transit stations.
  3. Wall banners – Banners that can be hung on the wall (indoors and outdoors).
  4. Ceiling banners – Hanging banners that are installed on ceilings. They can be used as drapes too.
  5. Real estate banners – Small rectangular banners installed on an inverted ‘L’ frame. Popular in real estate.
  6. Queuing signs: Banners used in barricades to manage crowds, form queues, and give directions.
  7. Promotional badges –Small banners (circular, square, rectangular) that can be worn around the neck or arm or hung from small objects.
  8. Trade show banners –Complete set of branded custom banners for the tradeshow booth. They can be free-standing.
  9. Retractable vinyl banners –Portable, retractable, self-supporting bannersBanner cassettes can be changed easily.
  10. Table coverings– Large vinyl drapes for tables. Have design, logo, and information printed on them.

What Is the Best Place for Banners in Chicago?

A lot of sign companies claim to offer ‘banner printing’ in Chicago, but that’s only telling half the story. The real difference lies in the installation options and quality of banner materials. First-time buyers don’t realize that there is a lot of difference in quality between a cheaply printed one and a quality banner.

At Surely Signs, we use high-quality vinyl from major manufacturers like 3M. State-of-the-art printing equipment provides high-resolution prints, free of smudges and blurring. Our banner frames are similarly high quality. Retractable banners roll in into the cassette smoothly. Booth banners don’t shake loosely when they are handled.

Get Banners Delivered to Your Doorstep – Fast

It’s these little things that make us the go-to sign company in Chicago for all your signage needs. Today about getting banners in Chicago. We express urgent print orders and deliver them right to your doorstep.

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