Types of Weight Benches for Sale in Ireland

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With the existence of gym equipment stores online, it become easier for the fitness freaks to choose from arrays of gym accessories including weight benches, power racks, barbell, weight plates and more. These gym equipment for sale in Ireland are best for trainers who are committed to achieve their strength and conditioning goals.

One of the most useful and versatile piece of fitness equipment that exercise enthusiasts can use is weight bench but it’s essential that you are aware of how versatile a weight bench can be. One can perform different kinds of exercises with a standard bench. Choose from different variations like an adjustable weight bench, or a weight bench with weight included.

Types of Weight Benches

For many people weight bench envision a fixed bench that is padded so that you can like flat on your back to perform chest presses using a weighted barbell. But this is not the fact as weight bench for sale in Ireland are made available in different types and those include:

•Flat bench – A standard padded bench

•Adjustable weight bench – Made available in bench design allow you to elevate the back of the bench to perform inclined chest presses.

•Decline bench – They are rare weight bench designs which has padded rollers to hook your feet to lie backward with your head towards the floor. They are highly useful for the decline chest press exercise.

Sizes of Weight Benches

With the availability of different sizes of weight benches in the market today you can choose the one that suits your need. However, the standard size of a bench press is 120 centimetres long and 50 centimeters wide. Being slightly longer in size, they come with a standard width. So if you envision lifting extremely heavy weights, just consider an Olympic weight bench set. They are sturdier enough to handle more than 200 kilograms. The best thing about such bench press is that they are 10 centimetres wider as well as long enough so that you could perform difficult exercises.

Use of Weight Bench to Perform Arrays of Exercises

A weight bench is used to perform different types of exercises. Usually a weight bench is used to do the standard chest press exercise. Different types of weight bench allow you to do specific types of exercise at various angles. Some very useful that you can perform include:

Chest Flies – This is a common exercise that you can perform on a bench. You can buy adjustable benches to perform chest flies exercises at different angles.

Seated Shoulder Press –Perform this exercise sitting on bench properly. Safely move the standard shoulder press targeting the muscles in your shoulder. Performing this exercise regularly will make your muscles strong.

Pullovers –Make use of a single dumbbell to perform pullovers exercise. This motion exercise is excellent to strengthen your muscles including the chest, shoulders, triceps and upper back.

Other exercises that you can perform using a weight bench include bicep curls, triceps dips and more.

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