Understanding Home Inspection Deal Breakers

Watch Out For Home Inspection Deal Breakers
Watch Out For Home Inspection Deal Breakers

What Issues Kill House Sales?

If you mention a “home inspection” to most real estate agents, you’ll probably quickly find out that they are not the most pleasant experience. The home inspection period is a time where everyone walks on egg shells. More home sales fall apart at the home inspection than at any other point in the transaction.

Of course with some homes there are no worries. You can just tell everything will turn out fine. For the vast majority of homes that is not the case. In fact, nearly every home has some kind of problem.

Homes that have not been taken care of have lots of issues. When the home inspection happens these kind of properties usually have a hard time getting a passing grade.

In real estate circles we like to call these items home inspection deal breakers. They are generally characterized as major issues that could cause a buyer to back out of the sale.

Of course if you are selling a home it is always advisable to correct any major issues at your house before a home inspection ever takes place. As someone who has been selling homes for over thirty-two years, I almost always recommend a pre-sale home inspection as being a good idea.

When you are selling your property it makes sense to be ready for the buyer’s home inspection. It is just common sense not to let a buyer see glaring deficiencies. Having your home go back on the market due to a failed home inspection can cause you major problems going forward.

Your real estate agent will be questioned up and down as to why the home sale fell through. The agent will be required to disclose all discovered issues. Who wants to deal with that?

Never underestimate the deal breakers mentioned in the article at The American Society of Home Inspectors. It sums up many of the most significant issues.



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