Mut 22 coins simulation: Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens

On Sunday this Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions will take on each other. It’s an opportunity for head coach Dan Campbell to get his first win as the Lions head coach after an unbeatable 0-2 season. While the Lions did have a bit of luck with a few Ravens players being put on the reserve roster/COVID-19 on Friday, Baltimore isn’t going to be an easy opponent.

But before we start Sunday’s game, we need to go back to the norm and watch a preview of the game on our Saturday Madden simulations.

If you haven’t seen any of our Madden simulations yet Here’s how it’s done. Over on our Twitch page, we modify the rosters to be as close to what we expect them to be on Sunday. Then, we alter the uniforms to suit our preferences Then let the computer manage both teams and watch what happens. I broadcast live commentary and respond to any questions you be having throughout the game which lasts approximately 90 minutes.

You may also bet Madden 22 coins for sale channel points on the outcome of the game. Channel points can also be redeemed to purchase things such as making Chris Perfett wear a mask with a luchador or changing my virtual background or requiring the PODcast staff to do an unplanned LISTCAST.