What is Moonstone? What are its properties & values?

What Is moonstone. moonstone stone Value Properties

The beautiful gemstone known as moonstone has won many admirers over with its unusual qualities and iridescent light. The feldspar crystal known as moonstone, or adularescence, is prized for its pearly brilliance and rainbow-like shimmer. It is regarded as a semi-precious gemstone and a common choice for jewelry manufacturing. Here you can learn more about the moonstone’s meaning, characteristics, and worth here.

  • Properties of Moonstone:

The feldspar-based mineral moonstone is a member of the same family as orthoclase and albite. White, grey, peach, green, blue, and translucent to semi-transparent are just a few of the hues available for this gemstone. Because of its shimmering, shining look and likeness to the moon, moonstone earned its name. Australia, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, the United States, and Madagascar are all frequent locations for moonstones. While the United States is renowned for creating rainbow moonstones, Sri Lanka is renowned for generating moonstones of the greatest quality.

In the realm of gemstones, moonstone is a fascinating stone with a special combination of qualities that make it highly sought-after. The sparkling glow that moonstone is famous for is called adularescence. This is caused by the way light enters and reflects off the internal structure of the stone, creating the appearance of a rainbow.

With a Mohs hardness of 6, moonstone is considered to be rather soft and easily scratchable. It’s crucial to handle the moonstone with care to prevent any injury.

  • Moonstone’s significances:

The moonstone is a precious gemstone that has been coveted for millennia for a variety of reasons. In complementary and alternative medicine, moonstone is used to increase hormonal balance, lessen stress and anxiety, and improve the quality of sleep. It is said to provide therapeutic qualities.

Moonstone is said to possess spiritual attributes that support psychic awareness, intuition, and spiritual growth. Moonstone is a beautiful stone with an eye-catching iridescent shimmer, which makes it a preferred material for jewelry.

Particularly those with a vivid blue shine, high-quality moonstones aren’t very frequent. Moonstones may thus be highly valuable, especially those that are bigger and have a great degree of clarity.

What is the consideration before buying moonstones?

If you are interested in “Buy natural rainbow moonstone” or Certified blue moonstone, it is important to understand the factors that determine its price and quality. Here are different types of moonstones and how to purchase high-quality, natural moonstones at a fair price.

Types of Moonstone:

There are several types of moonstones available on the market, each with its unique characteristics and properties. The most common types of moonstones include:

  • Rainbow Moonstone – A feldspar gemstone known as rainbow moonstone is prized for its iridescent shine and stunning color play. It is the most common variety of moonstones and is highly prized for both its distinctive beauty and therapeutic qualities.
  • Blue Moonstone – Moonstones that have a blue hue to them are known as blue moonstones. Because of its uniqueness and distinctive coloring, it is highly valued.
  • White Moonstone – A particular kind of moonstone called white moonstone is distinguished by its milky white hue and subdued iridescence. For its ability to balance and soothe, it is highly prized.

What are the factors of moonstone price?

A moonstone’s cost can vary significantly based on several variables, such as:

  • A moonstone’s price can be significantly influenced by its hue. Due to their scarcity and distinctive color, rainbow moonstones and blue moonstones are sometimes more costly than white moonstones.
  • A moonstone of superior quality with fewer inclusions or faults is frequently more expensive than a moonstone with obvious blemishes.
  • Moonstone price depends on how it is cut. A well-cut moonstone will have an equal proportion and a smooth, polished surface, which can increase its value and appeal.
  • The moonstone’s size can also determine how much it costs. Due to their scarcity and high demand, larger stones are sometimes more costly than smaller stones.

Using Moonstone as a Healing Crystal:

It is advised to wear moonstone as jewelry or carry it in a pocket or bag if you want to benefit from its “Moonstone Healing Crystal Properties.”


People have been fascinated with moonstones, a fascinating gemstone, for many years. It is a special mineral with an iridescent sheen, called adularescence, and is prized for its therapeutic and spiritual qualities. Because of its scarcity and beauty, moonstone is a preferred gemstone for jewelry manufacturing. Moonstone is a gemstone that is certain to capture your heart and imagination, whether it is because of its aesthetic appeal or its metaphysical qualities.

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