What to Fix Before Selling Your House

what to fix when selling a house 1
what to fix when selling a house 1

When it comes to repairing items on a home that you are trying to sell, there is a fine line between fixing something because it is a hazard versus simply updating an item.

There are a few key spots to focus on when reviewing your home before you sell it to the next owner.

First and foremost, you want to make sure the roof and foundation are in good shape. Damage to either of these areas could make the home unsafe and cancel any sales contract that you might receive.

Beyond those two areas, there are places like the kitchen, bathroom, and general systems of the house that need attention.

By fixing these items before you list the home on the market, you can hopefully spot any necessary repairs and save yourself some grief during the contract phase of selling your property.

what to fix when selling a house


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