Which Team has the Most Fan Following in IPL


IPL is the most famous league in India and the fans attributed to the league can attest to this fact. There are millions and millions of people who buy tickets to the league just to see their favourite players play and this is why in the guide, we are going to tell you which ipl team has the most fans.

Which IPL Team Has the Biggest Fandom in India?

The current and 5-time champions, Chennai Super Kings and emerged on the top as the team with the most fan following team in IPL whereas its counterpart, Mumbai Indians have achieved the second spot. 

The graph and percentage calculated by the fan meters showed that CSK scored 79 per cent whereas Mumbai Indians was sitting at 72 per cent. After these two teams, the highest fan following ipl team was Royal challengers Bangalore which lagged at 61 per cent which is very less than the top two teams. The fans have constantly supported their desired teams be it because of the performance of the team or because of the presence of their favourite players in the teams and these fandoms are very loyal to their players and team and support them wholeheartedly while the league goes on. 



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