Why should you use a Chemically Charged Pipe Electrode over other Electrodes?

16th March 2023: Earthing or grounding is critical to electrical safety in any installation. A chemical earthing electrode prevents electrical hazards. This electrode is connected to the equipment or structure to be grounded, creating a safe and effective electrical grounding system. Chemical earthing electrodes are quickly becoming the preferred choice for electrical grounding systems compared to other types of electrodes.

Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes create a low-impedance path to the ground for a safe and effective electrical grounding system. They are a reliable and efficient grounding solution thanks to their numerous benefits, superior conductivity, durability, and ease of installation.

Here are the features and advantages of Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes that gives these electrodes an edge over others:

  • Have a low-resistance electrolyte, which ensures a stable and long-lasting grounding system.
  • Have exceptional electrical conductivity, lower resistance and electrical impedance.
  • Adept at resisting high fault currents without fusing or mechanical deterioration.
  • They dissipate heavy fault currents and electrical surges efficiently, both in magnitude and duration, shielding equipment from damage and minimizing downtime.

Overall, using Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes can help increase the efficiency and productivity of your industrial processes while reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The appropriate Standards for Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes are IS 3043/1987 Earthing Practice Code, IEC 62561-7 Earthing improvement compound necessity, and IEEE-80- 2013 IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Sub Station Grounding

To learn more about our Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes and how they can benefit your industrial application, please visit our website at https://axis-india.com/ or contact us directly to speak with one of our experts.

About Axis India: Axis India assists industrial clients in following the right and standard parameters and installing Chemically Charged Pipe Electrodes to prevent electrical hazards by providing a safe path for electrical fault currents to flow away from the system.

About The Company:

Axis is the leading Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of Electrical Components used in Electrical Installations and in the Equipment Building industry. Their main customer base consists of Distributors/Wholesalers of Electrical Products, Electrical Contractors & Installers, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies and Government Authorities.



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