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September 2022, USA: ŷRobot provides AI (Artificial Intelligence) subscription models for cryptocurrency price analysis. They provide Machine Learning models for each asset on 1h, 4h, and 1d time frames, which they combine with average market condition models to generate a single all-inclusive signal. Their software actively monitors over 118+ crypto assets to optimize and simplify technical analysis while identifying trade opportunities. 

ŷRobot offers AI subscription models for analyzing cryptocurrency prices. Everyone can use their platform for 14 days for free. They offer three types of subscription models Basic, Expert, and Professional. In the Basic subscription model, after 14 days of the free trial, they charge you $19.99 per month, which provides an analysis of 20 cryptocurrencies. In the Expert subscription model, they charge you $39.99 per month, which provides an analysis of 50 cryptocurrencies. The Professional subscription model charges you $69.99 per month and provides analysis of 129+ cryptocurrencies.

After purchasing the ŷRobot subscription model, you gain access to a dashboard like this.

Along with their signals, this icon indicates metrics such as success rate, reward vs. risk, drawdown, and the time the signal was generated. The success rate is the model’s accuracy for a specific asset and signal over a 90-day period after the models were trained. Higher success rates imply more accurate models and predictions. A metric for going short is the success rate of bearish signals. A bullish signal’s success rate is a metric for going long.

ŷRobot offers subscription programs for cryptocurrency analysis based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). They offer various subscription models according to the user. These models signal different types of analysis in their decision-making. Currently, their signals are based on technical indicators, and each user must trade at their own risk.

For more information, visit: https://yrobot.us/

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Renier Veiga is a senior machine learning and software engineer with over twelve years of experience working for defense contracts. He is a seasoned trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is enthusiastic about educating others and giving them the tools to succeed financially.



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