10 Reasons to Give Books as a Gift

If there is a star and infallible gift every year that is a book. It is a recurring gift, but special, very special, a weapon of seduction and happiness, the only space-time machine that exists, so get on this post that we are going to give you 10 reasons to give a book, either this Christmas or at any time of the year. Why give a book?

1. A book always teaches 

No matter the genre or the author, a book always teaches something, we always learn from books, whether it is a textbook, scientific or literary. It can teach us a word we didn’t know, a city we’ve never been to, a historical figure or any event we didn’t know about. Isn’t that a great reason to give a book away?

2. There are books for people of any age 

From books with shapes and colors for babies, to children’s and youth literature to genres intended for adults, there are books for people of any age, which makes it the most universal gift. For older people you can even choose works with the largest print, there are even braille books for the blind.

3. It is a gift that adapts to tastes and hobbies 

If that person to whom you are going to give a gift likes fishing, you will surely find a book about this hobby or any other, the genres also adapt to tastes, from horror to romantic, you have as many types of books as tastes and hobbies

4. Serves to help in difficult times 

A book is a companion that never fails, will never leave us alone, it will always be there. It serves to have a company in difficult times, but there are also free books such as self-help that can help us get out of those moments and prevent them.

5. Reading promotion 

Reading makes us more intuitive and critical, develops our thinking, enhances our vocabulary, in addition to teaching us, therefore, giving books is to encourage reading, promote one of the healthiest activities for the mind that exist. It will also make us better thinkers and conversationalists; promoting reading is one of the great reasons to buy a book.

6. Help culture 

Culture is the basis of the entire society and within it, literature is a fundamental pillar. However, in order for there to be writers, publishers and booksellers who can dedicate themselves to literary activity, it is necessary that books be sold and that is where anyone can contribute. In India, lots of books on traditional topics are being published every year which helps strengthen its culture heritage. To find any book related to cultural topic you can go to “booksbins” which is one of the largest online book store in India.

7. Possibility of change 

If you give away a book that the person who receives it already has, they can exchange it for another without any problem in the bookstore as long as it is in good condition, it is common for a reader to receive books on any holiday and sometimes several identical gifts coincide, not no problem, you can change it for another to your liking.

8. Books do not expire 

The good thing about a book is that it is a timeless gift. What a good reason to give a book! You can give a current book, but also a classic, nothing happens if you give a book that was published years ago, there are works that gain value over time, just as there are other people who prefer to have the latest news from the publishing market.

9. On paper or digital 

Technologies have also reached the world of books; books can be given away on paper or in digital e-book format. You can even give away audiobooks as well. Also, do not lose sight of new forms of distribution such as print on demand, which means that a book can always be in the catalogue.

10. Can be shipped anywhere 

A book can be sent anywhere in the world without the cost of shipping being very high due to its size. You can make a purchase at a bookstore in a city or on the internet and schedule delivery to any town where the person for whom the gift is intended is. You can easily buy books india online. Therefore, the advantages of giving books as gifts are many, both to give books and to receive books as gifts, therefore, we encourage you to give books, but also to encourage your family and friends to give you books, a book never It is a gift that disappoints. So go to a physical or digital bookstore, you have many reasons to visit a bookstore. 



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