5 Benefits of Owning a Space-Saving Wall Bed in Toronto


A Murphy bed is a highly practical option for homes that is often overlooked. They are designed so that you can easily fold them up by yourself against the wall. Without a bed taking up floor space all day, you’ll find that your home will feel significantly freer than it would with a standard bed. Wall beds are popular in Toronto because people need to make the most of relatively small living spaces. A custom wall bed can bring you even more benefits.

1. Get More Space in the Bedroom

Wall beds are a great addition to the master bedroom. They can help you make space for a home office, more storage for clothing, a hobby space, a yoga mat, or anything else that you want to add to a more private, calming part of your home.

2. Upgrade Your Bachelor Apartment

Murphy beds are also a great option in homes that don’t have a dedicated bedroom space. You can really maximize a bachelor apartment when you don’t need to take up so much space for your bed. Have more room to expand your table, move your desk into, or just enjoy a space that feels larger.

3. Add Play Space for Your Young Ones

Has the kid’s play space taken over the living room? Get it back using a wall bed. With the bed on the wall with secure safety features, your kids can play beneath it. You’ll have more room for their toys, and it will encourage them to get into the good habit of making their bed daily.

4. Avoid the Clutter of a Bed

For many people, the blankets, pillows, and inevitable pile of clothing on the bed can make their space distracting. A Murphy bed pulls all of that out of view so that you have a cleaner, more modern area to enjoy. It also forces you to make the bed every morning, which some people appreciate.

5. Add Sophistication

You may not realize that wall bed styles and folding mechanisms have much improved over the years. There are high-end beds that add great style and sophistication to your space. You can find high-end wall beds in Toronto.

Get a Toronto Murphy Bed

At Space Age Closets, we offer Toronto Murphy beds for various rooms and home designs. We can help you get the right bed for your space and show you how to make the most of it. Contact us for a free in-home consultation today.

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