Should I Travel And Study Abroad Without Taking The IELTS Exam?

Study Abroad Without IELTS

The IELTS band scores are proof that you can manage to survive in an English-speaking country. Yes, your ability to communicate in the language of the people helps you survive in the country easily. That’s why it is mandatory for you to get an English proficiency proof. So, basically, this is a good idea to prepare for the exam and become capable of managing your lifestyle abroad successfully. However, the IELTS exam stands as a barrier as well for the candidates who find it quite chaotic to learn the English language. Therefore they look for other options to study abroad. 

Since childhood, we have studied the importance of the IELTS exam when it comes to settling abroad. An ample number of immigrant consultants are offering a very astonishing offer to the candidates i.e. get your visa without IELTS. Well, there could be several reasons behind this offer:

  • The consultant might prepare you for other English proficiency proofs such as PTE or Duolingo. 
  • He can also direct you to acquire letters of proficiency from your hometown university such as MOI if the university in the foreign country accepts it. 
  • He can also go ahead with a forged IELTS band score. 

Know that your intent to travel abroad matters and it is about settling abroad then, the IELTS exam is the best option for you. However, if it is about studying and work then, you can consider other options available except using the fake IELTS band score. 

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Let’s discuss whether traveling and studying abroad without IELTS is a good option or not:

Permanent residence 

Note that when it comes to receiving PR abroad, you will have to demonstrate your English proficiency through a strongly recognized testing system. Therefore, your prep for the IELTS exam or other recognized English proficiency tests will help you acquire the PR. Make sure that you have knowledge of the English language and it is not very tough to acquire the knowledge of the language as long as you are learning it in the right way.

Hence, understand the importance of the IELTS exam or a strongly recognized English proficiency exam in getting the PR in a country. 

Opt for other options 

To your surprise, there are some other English proficiency assessment tests as well that have a very profound recognition for its authenticity. Understand sometimes it is not that our English is weak, in fact, it is the structure of the exam that problematizes things for us. Opting for the exam with a perfect structure can be really helpful to some of the candidates who are struggling to demonstrate their English proficiency in the IELTS exam due to its structure. 

PTE and Duolingo exams are the topmost options that are catching the attention of the candidates interested in taking the exam. 

This would be a pretty good option for you if you are traveling abroad to study and earn. Remember that there are some tests that are not recognized by the countries when it comes to granting the PR.

Well, your visa consultant can also guide you on some other brilliant options as well but for this, first of all, he will inquire about your intent and interests. Only then, he will suggest other incredible options that you can use instead of the IELTS band score such as MOI.

Don’t use fake scores 

Sometimes, in the rush to get your visa, the visa consultants often opt for the fake band scores that trouble the life of the international students a lot. Using fake band scores is going to trouble you a lot if the authorities get to know about it. Therefore, avoid using such illegal ways to get your visa approved.

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The pointers that we have mentioned above might have helped you in seeking the best answers to your question. However, remember that your visa consultant plays a very major role in making you opt for the best option in accomplishing your main purpose.



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