7 Best Strategies To Promote LinkedIn Webinars


LinkedIn has evolved from being a professional networking platform to a powerful tool for event promotion and marketing. With its vast user base, LinkedIn has been providing Linkedin Webinars for organizations to reach a targeted audience and generate interest in their events.

However, effectively promoting LinkedIn webinars requires strategic planning and implementation. In this article, we will dive into strategies that organizations can employ to effectively promote their events on LinkedIn.

Promoting Linkedin Events: 7 Best Strategies to Implement

LinkedIn Webinars offers marketers a great opportunity to promote live events to attract new audiences and keep existing customers engaged. Here are 7 effective strategies we regularly suggest for promoting LinkedIn events:

1. Share Your LinkedIn Event With Your Network

Since LinkedIn is a professional social platform, event marketing campaigns are rarely promoted in every member feed, so some work is required.

Experts have found that social media posts about events are mostly found in the feeds of users who have confirmed their attendance at the event. Others have to search. So it’s a great time to start promoting on LinkedIn through company profile and personal account.

This ensures that your posts reach the most relevant audience and encourages your network to share your posts with your followers. In addition, LinkedIn has changed event rules to make events discoverable through search and allow attendees and non-attendees to view social posts before and after the live event.

2. Share Posts on your LinkedIn Event Feed

LinkedIn Events have their own private feeds and conversations that only participants can see. Events are public, but content in the event feed may not be available to everyone and may only be available to those who receive an invitation.

A great idea is to create interesting event-related content outlining what the event is about, the speakers, and a welcome message to other attendees. To engage participants, your content should allow them to ask questions, initiate discussions, and even introduce themselves to build a sense of community.

We encourage you to include videos, images, GIFs, and white papers to facilitate sharing and discussion among attendees. A great tip from professional marketers is to encourage guest speakers to share the event with their personal networks.

3. Use Engagement Pods To Reach a Larger Audience 

The LinkedIn Engagement Pod is an effective virtual event marketing strategy for edtech companies looking to improve the reach and engagement of their live events. Hootsuite describes an engagement pod as “a group of people who systematically agree to connect and interact with other users’ content on the platform.”

The Engagement Pod is designed to make your event post stand out before it goes viral. So when LinkedIn members see that link in their feed, they think it’s already popular and likely to engage.

LinkedIn’s algorithm itself encourages posts that show increased engagement within 20 minutes of SaaS entrepreneur Stefan Smulders’ claim he went public. By consistently creating compelling and engaging content, your engagement pod can keep engaging a relevant audience. There are two types of engagement pods to choose from to work on the LinkedIn platform. Autopods are usually software that connects you to other profiles who want to create a community for sharing content, they can comment on your posts and you can do the same for them.

4. Post on Industry Relevant LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and attendance at your event. Industry Relevance Groups allow you to engage with interested audiences, participate in relevant discussions, share your views, and grow your brand’s following. 

Making sure your content and conversations are meaningful is essential. Spam comments and content is one of the most criminal behaviors considered on LinkedIn Groups and will result in a permanent ban. 

A great way to promote your event post is to start your own group to act as the central community for all future events. Engagement pods are a great way to share posts and content to grow your group’s following. 

5. Create LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn’s event marketing guidelines recommend posting polls on your event page to increase engagement and excitement about your event. The guide also suggests conducting surveys up to twice a week to ask questions and provide food for thought for better results.

Polls are a great way to get sentiment and opinion without having to sift through hundreds of comments. If the goal is to later target survey respondents and make sales, SaaS professionals discuss using different marketing copy to target both audiences. 

6. Run Creative Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn offers a highly intuitive paid ads manager similar to Facebook that gives you greater visibility and wider reach for your Linkedin Webinar posts. These LinkedIn ads are a popular tactic for marketers who want instant visibility for their events.

LinkedIn also provides the ability for businesses to advertise their events as “Sponsored Content” within members’ news feeds. The platform also offers a great guide to advertising marketing to promote your event and help marketers.

7. Direct Messages

One of the simplest and easiest LinkedIn event promotion strategies is the direct message option via Messenger. Pros are encouraged to promote their event through direct messages. Free accounts allow you to send up to 50 messages at once, while Sponsored InMail allows you to send an unlimited number of messages, even those that have not been added to your network.

The key is to create personalized direct messages for each recipient. Marketers should also keep in mind that there is no benefit to spamming members with promotional messages for the event. So consider making 2-3 weeks between sending messages. Finally, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network and requires the highest standards of social media event marketing. 


Promoting LinkedIn Live Events for Webinars can significantly amplify their reach and impact professionals and industry leaders. By leveraging strategies such as optimizing event pages, utilizing LinkedIn’s networking capabilities, and leveraging engaging content formats, organizations can effectively promote their events and attract a targeted audience. 

Additionally, measuring and analyzing the success of event promotion efforts on Linkedin webinar platform can provide valuable insights. With a thoughtful and strategic approach, organizations can harness the power of LinkedIn to successfully promote their events, drive attendance, and foster meaningful connections within their target audience.




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