7 Points to Remember for Decreasing the Error During Eddy Current Measuring Technique


Inductive eddy current tends to play an essential role in conduction non-contact experiments for measuring the distance, vibration and position of objects. The results of these experiments remain unaffected by the target’s final characteristics, or environmental contaminants. This means your results will be several times more accurate. 

There are few protocols you can follow to increase the accuracy of these results further.

 1.   Always be sure about the circuit type. For example, user uses Colpitts circuits where the sensor coil interacts with the target and generates results with the oscillator amplitude and frequency varying. There is balanced bridge circuit that relies on impedance. Choose the right circuit for your tests.

2.   Many times, people make mistake of keeping another metal near the target to be measured. This will affect the test outcomes. Always ensure that there are no metallic objects present near the target.

3.   Eddy current method is truly reliable; however, environmental conditions or changes can influence the final measurements. This means, the data in a polluted place, with more oxides in the air will be different from the results in a cleaner location.

4.   Temperature is also an influencing factor. This is a lesser-known detail about eddy current measurements. Taking readings without proper calibration and adjustments in the environment will cause errors. The best temperature for taking readings would be room-temperature. If the temperature changes, user need to calibrate.

5.   Having two more sensors close to each other will affect the electromagnetic fields. This interference affects the accuracy of the readings. This is known as cross-talk.

6.   Not paying close attention to the mounting can make a big difference in the results. The mounting fixture is extremely important. Keeping too many conductive materials around the mounting fixture will reduce the performance of your system. 

7.  Room for error is critical. If user is using this method for measurement, a predefined error percentage shall be considered.



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