A Foodie’s Guide to Delhi: Must Visit Top 10 Street Food Spots

Delhi Street Food
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Delhi is home to the most diverse culture of people, it sufficiently fulfils its title as the Capital of India. Not just India but culture beyond our country has seeped deeply not into just Delhi’s culture but also Delhi’s FOOD! Here are the top spots to try out if you’re planning a Delhi Bhraman.

  • Jain Chawal Wale
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In literally the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, Jain Chawal is pretty much the favourite spot for Delhi people who are looking to have Rajma Chawal in Delhi. There are a ton of varieties of food items that you can try at their eatery like Rajma chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Chole Bhature, Paratha and many more. This is one of the most popular place to celebrate small party in Delhi

Location– Jain Chawal Wale, P Block, CP, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹ 250/-

aloo bhatura with channa
  • Chache Di Hatti
  • Location- Chache DI Hatti, Kamla Nagar, Delhi
  • Cost for 2- ₹100/-
  • Dolma Aunty Momos

Known for its best in its class momos served in the most Delhi fashion out there, through a street hawker shop, Dolma Aunty Momos is the epitome of Delhi Street Food eatery. They serve a wide variety of steamed and fried momos filled with different fillings like veg, chicken and paneer. While you’re at Dolma Aunty’s you should also try their scrumptious Honey Chilli Potato and Spring Rolls

Location- Kamla Nagar and Lajpat Naga, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹100/-

  • Kallu Nihari
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In the bustling streets of Daryaganj lies Kallu Nihari to try their lip-smacking plates of Nihari. The tender chicken meat immersed in rich Nihari broth eaten along with traditional Khameeri roti is just a blessing to one’s taste buds. This place should be on your radar in Delhi’s Blistering cold. 

Location– Kallu Nihari, Daryaganj, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹150/-

  • Tom Uncle Maggi Point
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Nestled in Delhi University’s North Campus area, Tom Uncle Maggi Point is a student favourite hub. It’s a little stall which is always huddled by College students. The speciality you ask? They serve over 50+ kinds of Maggis. It’s a must-visit if you like pasta and Maggi to pacify your Hunger.

Location– Tom Uncle Maggi Point, GTB Nagar, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹150/-

  • Laphing 
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Originating from Tibet, Laphing is a spicy cold mung bean noodle dish. It is usually eaten garnished with coriander alongside red pepper chilli, and green onion sauce. Everyone and their mothers know about that one Laphing stall near Nguyen House which serves you both Dry and Soupy Laphing. So if you are in and around Majnu ka Tila this one eatery is a no-brainer.

Location– Laphing Stall Near Nguyen House, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹100/-

  • Lotan Chole Kulche
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Chawri Bazaar has just the best Street food out there. A scrumptious serving of Lotan Ke Chole Kulche garnished with fresh coriander and onions is just the dreamy Breakfast one needs on a Sunday morning. We recommend you try their Aloo Tikki Chaat as well.

Location- Lotan Ke Chole Kulche, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹100/-

  • Aslam Chicken Corner
aslam chicken corner

Now imagine an out-of-world experience just by eating a bowl of Aslam Chicken Corner’s Butter Chicken slathered in spice and heaps of butter and cream. 

Location- Aslam Chicken Corner, Near Jama Masjid, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹300/-

  • Shyam Sweets
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Bedmi Poori, Gravy Potato end it with a Suji Halwa, that’s a Sunday Brunch meal for you, with love from Delhi. Again located in the best Street food spot of Chawri bazaar Shyam sweets is an absolute love of Poori lovers.

Location- Shyam Sweets, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹150/-

  • Giri Momos
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This list consists of 2 Momos spots, which just goes out to say how Much Love Delhi people have for this Tibetan Delicacy. They serve many tandoori items apart from Momos as well, like Afghani Chaap and Paneer Tikkas. Their Momos are considered just out of the world by Delhi Folk and we recommend them to you too.

Location – Giri Momos Centre and Chinese Food – ND Market, Pitampura, Delhi

Cost for 2- ₹300/-

We hope that you build up an appetite to try out all of these Street Food items at these authentic spots in Delhi. So Best of Luck with your Delhi Tour of Gastronomical Wonders!

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