Benefits Of A Motorized Louvered Systems For Home And Commercial Use 

Benefits of a Motorized Louvered Systems for home and commercial use
Benefits of a Motorized Louvered Systems for home and commercial use

Motorized Louvered Systems are adjustable patio covers that allow sunlight and natural air to flow into your selected area. Unlike traditional lattice designs or solid roof-covered patios, a Motorized Louver System allows you to control the outdoor elements from above.

The benefits of a Motorized Louvered Systemscan allow for more areas to entertain guests as well as offer you a better view of the outdoors. Similarly, for commercial installation, it means an added seating area, perhaps an added dining area, rain or shine. When you have the opportunity to shield people from harsh sunshine or rain, it brings a positive impact. This may also create additional income as they enjoy the comfort of your spaces.  

Some more added benefits for commercial use arethat these systems bring a distinctive seating and entertainment space. It also helps service organizations to create a welcoming space for business growth and thus contributes to its success.

However, a Motorized Louver Systems can be a costly consideration when compared to a patio cover with lattice or a solid rooftop. Motorized Louver Systems are often designed from aluminum in a way that each blade overlaps the other much like a tongue and groove fashion. This design helps to be able to drain water to the surrounding gutters for drainage. Unfortunately, there are times when the winds are very high that water may seep through.The added gutter system does not take away from the aesthetics of the structures, as they are incorporated into the design and look seamless. Thus making it a perfect entertainment area for guests, and giving a distinct look to one’s space.

How does the Motorized Louvered System work?

The Motorized Louver System can be controlled with traditional electrical wiring or by solar panels with the use of an app, through remote control, or a key fob. This is allowed for both homeowners and business owners.

A few things that can change the price of a Motorized Louver System

Color of the patio cover

The shade selected for your Motorized Louvered System can affect the final price. Premium colors will be more.

The size of the patio cover

The size of the 4k patio cover can also contribute to the final price. A 100 sq. ft. of cover will not have the exact price of a 1000 sq. ft. cover.

Also, the installation costs for these may vary. Depending on the area, you have the option of using a freestanding system or one that is attached to the wall with minimal posts needed for support.

Roof options in motorized pergolas 

There are numerous upgrades available that your contractor may or may not offer, it is up to them, however, it is easy to raise the overall budget when incorporating the following upgrades.

Wind and rain sensors



Screen walls

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