Best Composite Products for WooCommerce Plugin 2024

WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin

In the realm of e-commerce, offering customizable products is essential for catering to diverse customer needs. The Composite Products for WooCommerce Plugin empowers store owners to provide personalized shopping experiences by enabling customers to build custom products step by step. Whether it’s computers, bicycles, cameras, or other configurable items, this plugin allows customers to select individual components to create their ideal product.

Overview of Composite Products for WooCommerce:

This plugin revolutionizes the way products are sold online by allowing customers to personalize and custom-build their desired items. By presenting existing products as component options, customers can choose from a variety of options to tailor their purchases according to their preferences. With three different layout options available, store owners can optimize the product browsing experience and streamline the customization process for customers.

Understanding Composite Products for WooCommerce Plugin:

The Composite Products for WooCommerce Plugin by addify offers extensive customization options, allowing administrators to create product components and adjust layouts to suit their specific needs. With five pricing modes available, administrators can set prices for individual components or the final product, ensuring flexibility in pricing strategies. Additionally, the plugin facilitates the application of conditional logic to make components dependent on certain conditions, further enhancing product customization capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Product Customization: Enable customers to personalize and customize their products by selecting individual components, such as colors, sizes, or accessories.

  2. Existing Product Integration: Present existing products as component options, allowing customers to choose from a range of options to build their ideal product.

  3. Multiple Layout Options: Choose from three different layout options (vertical, toggle, steps) to optimize the product browsing and customization experience for customers.

  4. Flexible Pricing Modes: Set prices for individual components or the final product using five pricing modes, including fixed, base + components added, and various adjustment options.

  5. Conditional Logic: Apply conditional logic to make components dependent on certain conditions, offering dynamic product customization capabilities.

Benefits of Usings Composite Products:

Integrating composite products into your WooCommerce store unlocks a multitude of benefits for both you and your customers. The ability to create customizable product kits by combining multiple items empowers customers to tailor their product packages, enhancing the shopping experience and fostering satisfaction. 

The advantages extend beyond personalization, streamlining inventory management by tracking each component separately, ensuring accurate pricing, and facilitating precise shipping calculations.

Key Benefits:

  • Allow customers to build tailored products
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Efficiently manage inventory for each component 
  • Leverage support for various product types: Simple, bundled, downloadable/virtual, etc. 


  • Monthly subscription: $7.42, billed annually at $119 $89
  • Includes 1 year of free support and extension updates, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Q.1) Can customers choose components from any product in the store?

Ans) Yes, customers have the option to choose components from any product available in the store, providing flexibility in product selection.

Q.2) Can administrators apply discounts on specific components?

Ans) Yes, administrators can apply discounts on specific components, allowing for dynamic pricing strategies.

Q.3) Is it possible to restrict certain products from being added as components?

Ans) Yes, administrators have the option to restrict certain products from being added as components, providing control over the available customization options.


So, that was our detailed guide on building composite products in WooCommerce. While you will need to install a plugin, once you have it in place, building a composite product will become a piece of cake. 

With composite products, customers will have the freedom to customize their orders while you will experience a massive increase in sales.

Improve customer experience, make shopping fun, and grow your store with composite products. 



Written by Addify Store

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