Why Do Small Businesses Require Firewall Protection?

Why Do Small Businesses Require Firewall Protection

In the network realm, there are many potential threats involved. Various viruses can enter your business’s computer network if the security shield is not strong enough. Many small-scale enterprises may assume that having an antivirus is enough. But this is not true, as cyberattacks these days are so advanced that they can easily enter the network system despite the antivirus. So, there is a need for a security system that can tackle the threats from entering the computer network.

One such security feature that is a must to integrate for businesses is a firewall. It is a system that blocks unauthorised access to a network. If you are a small business that doesn’t have a firewall installed, then you need to immediately. In this blog, you will find what a firewall is and why there is a need for its integration into your business’s network system. 

What Is A Firewall Security System?

It is a network security device that prevents the intrusion of malicious traffic which thus helps in having a protected network. Based on predetermined rules, the firewall examines the traffic and decides whether to allow or deny its access. It basically allows safe traffic in and keeps the threats out of the network system. Firewall systems are of two types: hardware and software. Both of these devices provide optimum protection to your business’s network.

Many businesses operating on a small scale do not bother with setting up a firewall system. This is because they might find it a waste of money, thinking that their existing antivirus is enough. Showing negligence in installing a firewall can later become problematic for businesses. The computer network can become a victim of malware, ransomware, phishing and other cyber crimes. So, it is better to have a firewall in the computer network.

By installing a firewall, your small-scale business can enjoy a multitude of benefits, such as:

Benefits of Installing a Firewall for Small Businesses

  1. Blocks Unauthorised Access

The cyberattacks can adversely affect your business’s network system which can further lead to financial losses. The viruses entering your computer’s network can corrupt the system files, procure sensitive information or even delete the business’s data. All this can make you lose clients and deals. So, it is crucial for you to protect your business’s crucial information with a firewall. This system ensures to block the traffic which carries potential threats.

  1. Must for Remote Teams

Nowadays, with the rise in the trend of working from home, the need for enhancing security has increased. Your business, with the help of a firewall, can provide VPN networks to employees working remotely. By configuring the firewall, businesses can allow safe communication amongst various computer networks.

  1. Auditing Network Security

The firewall lets you know about the threats your business’s network may have. If your business is constantly under cyberattack, then you can take further measures to increase the security system of your network.

  1. Improved Network Performance

The unnecessary traffic inbound can slow down the performance of your system which directly has an impact on your business’s productivity levels. But if you install a firewall, then you don’t have to worry about slow computer performance as this device filters out unnecessary traffic.

We have seen how a firewall can provide you with many advantages. Now, the only thing you need to do is to install the firewall, which you can do by consulting a reliable service provider.

Let us see some effective tips that help you in selecting the ideal security system solutions:

3 Tips on Choosing Ideal Security Services

  1. Experience

Look for a security service company that has experience in the IT security field. A company that has dealt with many business security issues can figure out your business’s requirements effectively. So make sure to check out the portfolio of the company.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The IT security services available have different price ranges. According to expertise and experience the prices will differ. So make sure to compare the pricing of various companies and choose the one that aligns with your budget.

  1. Reviews

The ratings left by the previous clients can give you insight into whether the company you are considering is worth it or not.


Network security has become a necessity for every business, regardless of its size or type. So, if you want to shield your system against any cyber attack, then TEL5 is here to help. They provide the Best Firewall for Small Business that can help secure your system. So contact them to get started.



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