Binance vs. Coinbase: Which crypto exchange is right for you?

Binance.US and Coinbase are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges around, so which should you choose? The answer depends on what exactly you need, which crypto coins you want to trade, how much you’re willing to pay, and other key factors.

Coinbase and Binance.US are both major players among established cryptocurrency exchanges. In this article, we’ll refer to Binance.US – the American arm of the larger Binance organization – as Binance. We’ll compare it to Coinbase Pro, which offers much lower costs than the basic Coinbase service, though we’ll refer to it as Coinbase.

Here’s how Binance and Coinbase compare on some of the most important factors and features.

Binance vs. Coinbase: 


The most significant cost you’re likely to pay is your trading fees, and if you’re doing a lot of it, those can certainly add up. Fortunately, it’s the norm for most exchanges to offer discounts based on your 30-day trading volume. However, Binance even goes one better than that.

Both Coinbase and Binance use a maker-taker pricing structure, charging based on whether you add liquidity to the market (makers) or remove liquidity from the market (takers). So trading fees generally differ not only on your volume but also on the type of trade you make.

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Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts into the crypto space!

Innovate your desired cryptocurrency exchange model and upgrade your business.

Centralized Exchange Script

Help your users trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in your centralized cryptocurrency exchange under your administration with an ultra-fast auto-matching engine and high liquidity.

Decentralized Exchange Script

Without a centralized authority, you can easily win the trust and confidence of your crypto traders. Hence, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development is the latest buzzword in the crypto space.

Hybrid Exchange Script

Combine the elements of both centralized and decentralized exchange in your hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. Users prefer hybrid exchange because it provides liquidity of CEX and security of DEX.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange Script

Let your users facilitate direct transactions with savings of up to 90% in the trading fee. Peer-to-peer exchange script’s decentralized nature promotes transparency, and hence boosts the credibility of your organization.

Bitcoin Escrow Exchange Script

Using bitcoin escrow exchange software, set up your cryptocurrency exchange like Localbitcoins. The escrow mechanism ensures a conflict-free and highly secure trading environment for your users.

How do our cryptocurrency exchange platforms work?

The simple six-step process guides your users on how to place their first trade in your cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Users register/log in with their email/phone number and a unique strong password.

Account Activation

Using the OTP/activation link sent to their registered email address, users can activate their accounts.

KYC Verification

Users must complete the KYC verification process to promote a safe trading ambiance.

Deposit Funds

Users must deposit funds to their crypto wallets to initiate the trading process.

Trading Mode

From modes like basic, advanced, spot trading, margin trade, P2P, or DEX, users can select their desired mode.

Enjoy Trading

Users can start buying and selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Bonus perks of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone platforms

Here are some more additional sets of guaranteed privileges you can enjoy with us.

  1. Launch in 48 hours
  2. Multi-Lingual Support
  3. Multi-Signature Wallet
  4. Unlimited Cryptocurrency Support
  5. Fiat Payment Gateway
  6. Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

Gift your users the opportunity to trade on the go, with your exclusive cryptocurrency exchange application. 52% of the world’s population are mobile users. So, a cryptocurrency mobile application is your best shot to engage more than half of the world. Sellbitbuy’s cryptocurrency exchange application development team is renowned for its 7+ years of experience in Android/iOS app development. We help you create and customize the application, catering to the needs of your global audience with all the latest and futuristic features.

  1. Instant Notification
  2. Live Market Trend
  3. Lightning-fast transactions
  4. 6+ Security Protocols
  5. Silk-Smooth interface


We, Sellbitbuy cryptocurrency exchange software development company help you join the global crypto transition with your cryptocurrency exchange platform. Your crypto exchange service to the millions of active global traders proves to be a profitable business.

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