Boost Your Outdoor Advertising with Channel Letter Signs


Channel letter signs are a very popular advertising tool for all types of businesses. Some of the biggest brands around the world such as McDonald’s, Samsung and Google use channel letters to promote their products and services.

At their simplest, channel letter signs are letters cut out of aluminum, or made from plastic, and mounted on an unlit backplate. Sometimes, each letter has an individual mounting depending on the size and where it has to be placed. LED channel letter signs are also very popular; each letter is fitted with LED lights for illumination. These outdoor business signs are highly versatile and can be customized to fit your business needs.

Types of Channel Letters

Though channel letters come in many different configurations, there are three basic types of channel letters that you should know:

  • Open and closed face.
  • Front-lit and halo-lit LED signs.
  • Self-standing or plate mounted.

Using these three basic configuration types interior and exterior signs can be customized to any shape or size. When designed properly, channel letter signs have the ability to turn your business into a landmark.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Visibility – In general, channel letters are bigger than other two-dimensional signs of the same height and width and the reason is simple, they have more physical depth. That makes them highly visible to passers-by. Whether they are illuminated or not, their shape will ensure that they stand out.

Distinctiveness – Channel letter signs are highly customizable, they can reflect your overall brand voice perfectly. The use of distinctive colors and your brand’s logo makes them unique.

Shine brightly – With different options for illumination such as, front-lit, back-lit, a combination of front and back-lit, channel letter signs do shine brightly. If designed properly, they can leave a memorable impression on viewers.

Work with Visual Signs and Get Premium Signage in Florida

Investing in custom business signs is a very important decision for any organization. An experienced sign maker will not only provide you with high-quality signage but will also assist you in making the right visual communication choices. If you are looking for the best sign company in Orlando, get in touch with Visual Signs. We are a full-service sign company that can cater to all your signage requirements. We understand how crucial visual communication can be for a brand and we never hesitate to go the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations.

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