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This one-year programme focuses on learning BSc of Public Health (MPH) alongside epidemiology, biostatistics, and research methodology in health.

This course will be helpful to everyone, from medical students to those who are just beginning out in the field of BSc of Public Health (MPH).

The lecturers for the course are well-known authorities in their fields, which include statistics, epidemiology (of both infectious and chronic diseases), and health services research. 

BSc of Public Health (MPH) specialists who have designed, overseen, and executed a variety of interventions will speak.

Why pursue a public health BSc in the UK?

Due to the increasing significance of health protection, promotion, and sickness prevention in the UK, there are numerous new opportunities for persons with a BSc in public health.

The Public Health abilities and Career Framework (UK) has been used to identify and classify essential knowledge and useful abilities into five basic areas. The core elements of public health education are covered in this course.

If you are currently employed in the public health, social, or community sectors, UK University encourages you to apply even if your academic background does not directly relate to public health degrees in the UK.

As course instructors, a number of renowned, well-respected experts in their fields are employed.

Career opportunities BSc of Public Health in the UK

Communities and large groups receive greater attention than lone patients when it comes to public health. There are various chances available for anyone who want to work in academia, government, or non-profits.

Students can advance into careers as diverse as public health analysts, health services researchers, consultants for the prevention of communicable diseases, environmental epidemiologists, health policy advisors, and even directors of public health from this shared base.

With a BSc in Public Health from one of the top universities in the UK, you may advance your knowledge of public health in the country and develop critical research skills that are useful in a range of academic and professional settings around the globe.

Work in the field of public health at prestigious universities and research facilities on initiatives supported by governmental and non-governmental (NGOs), like the World Health Organisation (WHO) or a national health agency. You must exhibit knowledge based on evidence and a critical awareness of a number of public health themes in order to achieve this.

Influence Public Health Policies: Through independent research, publication in peer-reviewed journals, and influence over public health policies, work to translate research evidence into practise in professional and health authority settings.

Develop your research skills: Find out what the global and national health authorities have set as the priorities and objectives for research. You can gain the foundational knowledge required to address these priorities in your research questions, methodology, data analysis, and report writing by enrolling in core public health courses in the UK.

A path that one could take to earn a doctorate and work in public health: Because of its emphasis on knowledge of pertinent research disciplines, abilities in quantitative and qualitative research procedures, critical thinking, and scientific writing, an MPH is frequently used as a stepping stone to higher study, such as a PhD in public health programme in the UK.

Best British Universities for a BSc in Public Health

The University of Manchester

Entry costs for 2023 have not yet been decided. The list of tuition and fees for the next 2022–2023 academic year, which will start in September, is as follows: 

MPH (full-time remote study) tuition costs

Fees for non-UK and non-EU students (per year): £20,500

The estimated costs include tuition and fees as well as all other associated academic costs.

It’s probable that annual increases in registration fees and gradual price increases for longer-term courses are both possible.

High-achieving young persons who are currently residing in a Commonwealth nation may be eligible for Commonwealth Scholarships.

Scholarships for Equity and Merit are available to Ethiopian, Malawian, Rwandan, Tanzanian, Ugandan, and Zimbabwean students who have shown remarkable academic promise.

Current and past University of Manchester students who intend to register in a BSc programme in the UK may be eligible for Manchester Alumni Scholarship Schemes.

University of Chester

This course is likely to appeal to graduates from a variety of academic fields who work in public health in the UK and health improvement, as well as those who are just curious about the subject.

This programme could be useful for graduates in numerous disciplines, not only medicine. 

Thanks to their wide range of course offerings, you’ll have lots of chances to polish your knowledge and skills in areas like epidemiology, policy analysis, leadership, and the teamwork and collaboration required to address global health concerns.

The headline tuition rate at the University of Chester for graduate studies is greatly reduced by a large number of international and merit-based scholarships. These scholarships will automatically review your application, and if you are awarded one, it will be included on your offer letter.

Birmingham City University 

Have you ever had a job in the medical industry? Want to make a significant contribution to shielding people from health risks all over the world?

If you are qualified and have experience in a subject linked to health, such as veterinary science, public health nursing, nutrition, or health science.

College of Bradford

The University of Bradford‘s BSc in Public Health Programme is open to applicants from a wide range of undergraduate majors and professional backgrounds and is designed for students who want to advance their careers in public health, policy, or community development at the graduate level.

Future healthcare leaders with skills in health policy, community development, changing human behaviour, or designing health services are prepared by the degree programme.

University of Huddersfield

In response to demands found in public health, health promotion, and governmental policy on a global and national scale, particularly in the United Kingdom, this specialised curriculum was created.

It provides a really global perspective on public health and is written for students all throughout the world, not only in the UK. This book will be of great use to those who seek to influence public health policy in the UK and elsewhere.

Last Words

There are many valid reasons why the BSc in Public Health degree is so well-liked in the UK. It covers every facet of public health and can help advance your career as a doctor, dentist, nurse, dental hygienist, occupational therapist, or any other type of healthcare provider.



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