Career scopes for AI and ML Engineering

Career Scopes for AI and ML Engineering

After graduating from the B Tech in Artificial Intelligence Colleges, a candidate can enter the best sectors in technology and select one of the following career paths based on their interests and qualifications:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 

 People in this profession use a range of machine learning methods, including neural networks and natural language processing, to build models that underpin AI-based applications.


Machine Learning Engineer: 

 An IT specialist whose duties involve developing and constructing artificial intelligence (AI) systems that will automate predictive models is known as a machine learning engineer. Top B Tech Colleges in Greater Noida offer jobs in this field throughout a wide range of industries and sectors. 


Data scientist: 

 A data scientist is someone who works with data to extract value. To understand and forecast performance, a data scientist must compile information from numerous sources and then analyze it. They must also create AI solutions that will automate some of the business procedures.


Research Scientist: 

 As the title of the position implies, candidates for this position must conduct a variety of research projects to identify new, creative concepts, instruments, and strategies to build, enhance, and reconstruct the current Artificial Intelligence models. After earning this degree from B Tech Artificial Intelligence colleges in Greater Noida, students can enter this challenging and well-paying profession.


AI Data Analyst: 

 An AI Data Analyst must use machine learning and analytical techniques to organize, purge, and model the current data. An AI Data Analyst’s duties also include designing and producing reports to aid senior management in applying updated and improved AI tools to make better judgments. It is a well-paying job profile, and if you’re wondering what the best career prospects are after leaving top colleges for B Tech CSE with AI and ML in Greater Noida, becoming an AI Data Analyst is the ideal choice.


Robotics expert: 

 Robotics is a young, cutting-edge field with enormous potential. But in this industry, the need for experts who can effect change constantly predominates. A Robotics Scientist is one such specialist in this area. They must do research, produce, design, and build robotic systems.

In addition to the aforementioned employment options, candidates can join the top B Tech in artificial intelligence collegesuniversities, and coaching organizations to work as professors, teachers, and educational coaches.

After earning a degree in B Tech CSE with AI and ML from Greater Noida, individuals may also choose to pursue an M. Tech or engage in academic research.

Salaries of AI and ML Engineers


Job Role (Average Annual Salary)

Software Engineer (INR 6.4 LPA)

Software Tester (INR 6.4 LPA)

Application Developer (INR 4.85 LPA)

Information and Multimedia Designer (INR 8 LPA)

Chief Information Officer (INR 9.5 LPA)

Web Designer (INR 5.5 LPA)

B.Tech A.I Salary (Amount)

Highest Salary (INR 25 LPA)

Lowest Salary (INR 5 LPA)

Average Salary (INR 10 LPA)

Government Jobs

Job Roles (Average Annual Salary)

Railway Engineer (INR 5.1 LPA)

IT Officer (INR 8.85 LPA)

Lecturer or Professor (INR 4.11 LPA)

ISRO Scientist (INR 8.1 LPA)

National Informatics Centre Scientist (INR 6.8 LPA)


 B. Tech artificial intelligence and machine learning can present several exciting opportunities. There are many occupations available that can guarantee a happy and bright future. As a result, applicants with great aspirations and a desire to build a bright future can apply to the top 10 B Tech Colleges in Greater Noida offering B Tech CSE with AI and ML. To start your adventure off right, look up the top B Tech colleges in Greater Noida and submit an online application.



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