Cave diving Tulum Mexico – Offer Great Diving Experience to the True Divers


The Mayan Riviera is the home to spectacular underground limestone caves incised out by crystal clear water. You will find the mineral rich water filtered through the limestone forms, enormous stalagmites and stalactites.

If you want to execute your cave diving hobby just remain ready to thrill with best diving conditions in the cenotes of Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera. These places offer amazing cave condition to the swimmer. Crystal clear freshwater, favorable temperature and amazing visibility are the main features in these best cave systems that make your dive an exceptional experience.

Cave diving Tulum Mexico is one of the most famous and common in the area, full of magnificent rock formations, light beams, haloclines and air domes. It is easy to find shallow dives in most of the cenotes regions between 8m/25ft and 12m/40ft but there are also some deeper cenotesas well that are suited for advanced divers only.

Living in a Cenote is a unique experience. Cave diving in destinations like Riviera Maya and Tulum can offer you an absolute unique experience. Actually these caverns are openings to the world’s largest underground water systems. It is a belief that these are world’s largest underground river systems and were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. The water is so clear with about 500 feet visibility and that make cave diving adventure memorable.

There are many cenotes in the area and all are different and special. Some cenotes include beautiful stalactites,stalagmites and great light effects because of sunlight as it shines through cracks in the ceiling and halocline effect. If you are planning your first dive, cave diving Riviera Maya will take you to some classic cenotes. So first the most important thing is to get familiar with diving cenotes and take some experience.

The beautiful cenotes are places of great calm and most of them are inside the jungle and diving into them will offer you a beautiful and relaxing experience that may change you’re thinking about the traditional scuba diving in the ocean. Each cenote offer different experience to the divers. Some are shallow, some deep, some freshwater and some has a mixture of fresh and salt. You may also find some with hydrogen sulfide layers while few with very little natural light. There are also some water caves that have many holes in the roof where shafts of light breakthrough.

So, if you’re looking for new adventures and want to explore some strikingly beautiful and profoundly mysterious environments, then Tulum cave diving will be only for you. Mexico offer the biggest and best underwater caves for the divers. Arrive in Tulum with your cave diving certificate to book your cave diving tour which is added with adventure of your choice.

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