Choose the Best Medical Cleaners and Understand Them

Medical equipment cleaners come in many varieties and it is quite easy for one to learn their usage. But there lies a huge responsibility on the medical staff to understand the concepts of such cleaners their importance.

Have you ever heard of a medic using un-sterilized medical equipment? An unacceptable thing, medical equipment that is not sterilized wasn’t even acceptable centuries ago. Washed in alcohol or heated to the maximum, every possible measure is always taken to thoroughly clean medical equipment. It is a thumb rule.

We now have multiple technologies at hand that ensure the complete sterilization of medical devices. A Medical Enzymatic Cleaner is one of the basic cleaning equipment that is always kept stocked.


Made up of multiple enzymes, Medical Enzymatic Cleaners can remove various types of soils like blood, serum, etc. The enzymes can be proteases, lipases, amylases, pectinases, and some other enzymes. When we bring it down to the basics, enzymes are made up of many amino acids linked together by peptide bonds. Enzymes can disinfect at a fast rate and are known to reduce unnecessary cleaning labor. The optimum pH for the cleaners lies in the neutral range (6-8). If you are worried about the efficacy still being not enough, don’t worry! Absolute care is taken in cleaning medical utensils and enzymatic cleaners are just a part of it. The equipment, after manual cleaning, is put in ultrasonic washers or automated disinfecting machines.

How to choose an enzymatic cleaner?

Enzymatic cleaners provide two basic goals – effective cleaning and quick action. The equipment is cleansed for a reason and if not cleaned correctly, it will have grave repercussions. So if you are put in charge of purchasing medical cleaning equipment, make sure you keep quality above pricing. To ensure the right pick, you must be well educated about such cleaners. It’s always a good idea to go for quality enzyme cleaners, e.g. Clinical Choice Enzyme Cleaner.

Importance of Cleaning Medical Equipment

The purpose of understanding the science of enzymatic cleaners is simple – it can result in fatalities. Medical equipment can be soiled by a variety of things even if they look clean. Or the sterilized ones may get soiled over time too. If this soiled medical tool later gets used, it will most probably infect the patient and may result in either serious infections or death. This is why the equipment is cleaned at different levels to ensure nothing is left.

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