Common Carpet Stains In London And How To Tackle Them

Common Carpet Stains In London And How To Tackle Them
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Due to the untimely rains in London,  stains have become a common part of the carpet. But that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and let it damage your carpet. If you don’t remove them instantly, you damage your carpet and allow harmful allergens to persist.

Different stains require different solutions. Read the blog to know how you can tackle them. 

The Most Common Way Of Removing Stains

As soon as you notice the stains, grab a knife or spoon and gently scrape off any excess solids so that the spill doesn’t turn away into a permanent one. Later, blot away excess liquid with a clean white cloth to prevent the spreading. 

It is the most common method for removing stains, but stains can be in different forms, and you should have the proper knowledge to deal with them. 

1 Blood stains

You don’t need some required chemicals or solutions to remove blood stains. Just follow these two basic steps:

  • Apply cold water or club soda over the stain

  • And then, gently blot it with a clean cloth

  • But make sure not to use warm water, as this can accumulate stains on the material.

2 Candle Wax

Candle wax doesn’t even require water, let alone some cleaning solutions. 

  • Rub an ice pack over the wax until it gets hard

  • Break away the wax, and vacuum it up

  • Or you can simply use a butter knife to remove the wax. Following this, clean the area with a white cloth

3 Chocolate Stains

During the holidays in London, chocolate stains are the most common ones on a carpet. But you need help from the experts to tackle these messy stains. And here is how professional carpet cleaners in London handle this mess. 

  • They use specialised cleaning machines.

  • They use a combination of hot water, detergent, and agitation, which can effectively remove chocolate stains from the carpet.

  • They also use enzyme cleaners ( a type of biological solution ) to break down the stain.

4 Gum stains

As soon as you notice gum on your carpet, scrape it off. Otherwise, this sticky soluble liquid can become extremely rigid to clear. 

  • Apply white vinegar or rubbing alcohol over the gum and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Both solutions are preferred as they help in dissolving and loosening the gum.

  • Later, blot the area with a scrub. Remember not to rub, as this can help the gum in spreading. 

5 Dirt & Mud Stains

In some boroughs of London, like Harrow, the soil can quickly turn to mud due to vegetation and constant rainfall. Over time, it can end up on your carpet. But that’s completely normal. You can clean it with these simple steps.

  • Scrape off residues as much as possible and then vacuum the area.

  • Apply a mild dishwashing liquid solution and let it sit for 20 minutes. 

  • Now, simply blot the area with a paper towel.

But if the mud stains persist or spread in a larger area, getting professional carpet cleaning in Harrow can help bring them under control.

6 Coffee Or Tea

Baking soda is usually preferred to get coffee or tea stains out of the carpet. 

  • Apply a paste of baking soda and water to the stain and let it accumulate on the stain for 30 minutes to an hour.

  • After that, immediately vacuum up the area. 

7 Pet Urine Stains

As it deteriorates your carpet, the pet urine also spreads harmful allergens and pollutants into the air. Experts do the following things to help you with this purpose.

  • With the help of the best and most high-quality equipment, they carry out the steam cleaning process.

  • They also add Hydrogen peroxide, which aims to kill the odour with its source.

  • After this, they disinfect and sanitise the area for a pleasant atmosphere to persist. 

8 Food Spills

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It’s very common for you to observe food spills on your carpet. But there’s nothing to worry about. Implement these steps and clear the spills.

  • Use water and dish soap. This mild solution is effective for removing food spills.

  • Apply the solution and blot the area until the stain is gone.

  • Rinse the area with water to remove any remaining spots. 

9 Wine

Whether the spill is of red wine or grape wine, it doesn’t matter. You need club soda and microfibre for this purpose. 

  • Apply the club soda over the carpet.

  • Gently blot it with a microfibre cloth.

  • Repeat until the stain is gone.



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