The Art of Carpet Maintenance: Preventing Common Stains in London Homes

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Stains are the biggest culprit behind ruining the beautiful look of your carpet. They make it look dull and drab and are difficult to clean. But there are ways to protect your carpet from these stains. And in the following blog, we will discuss these top carpet cleaning tips for preventing common stains. Read it to protect your carpet from stains.

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Preventing Common Stains

↳ Routine Vacuuming

Vacuuming is the key to keeping dirt and dust away from your carpet. It prevents wear and tear by removing the surface dirt and stops it from adding to carpet stains. But to get the desired results with vacuuming, you should do it at least 2-3 times a week.

Start by getting a good vacuum with an attached bag and HEPA filters. Then use the right method to clean the carpeted area. First, stand in the corner of the room and start vacuuming from there. After that, slowly move the machine front and back. Move like this to the opposite end of the room.

If you want the best dirt removal, make 4-6 passes in high-traffic areas and 2-3 on normal ones. While vacuuming one place, slightly touch the area you cleaned before to get any remaining debris.

↳ Proper Stain Treatment

If you don’t want the stain to become an everyday part of your carpet, you should clean them quickly. So when you notice a spill on your floor, act fast and blot it with a clean, white cloth.

While blotting the stain, don’t rub it too harshly, as that can damage the fibres. Just gently put the cloth on the stain and absorb the liquid. After that, you can make a carpet-cleaning solution or get a good store-bought one. But make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Spray the cleaner on the stained area and let it sit for some time. You can brush it deeper with a brush during this time. After that, apply cold water to the stain and dry it with a clean cloth. If you can still see a spot, repeat the process. 

If you clean the stained area like this, it won’t return, and your carpet will look good for longer.

↳ Get Professional help

Getting professional carpet cleaning in London can help prevent staining on your carpet. Experts can remove all the deep-seated dirt and dust with their machines and reduce the chances of staining.

Their cleaning supplies can lift the existing stains and stop them from giving rise to more. So when you get your carpet deep cleaned at least twice a year, you add years to its life. 

They can provide better results than you’ll get with a rented machine, as they have the needed skills. 

↳ Use Area Rugs & Doormats

You can place area rugs on your carpet to protect them from harmful stains. Buy some cheap rugs and put them in high-traffic areas of your home. They will absorb the dirt, dust, grime and stains meant for the carpet. It will prevent wear and tear on the carpet from dirt and stains.

You can also place a doormat at your home’s entrance to catch dirt which can turn into stain easily. Put another doormat inside the house at the entrance for pets. So they get two places to wipe their muddy paws.

But you should also clean these area rugs and door mats, as they can become a source of dirt.

↳ Invest In A Carpet Protector

When you call on the experts for stain removal in London, they apply a carpet protector on your carpet. This protector protects your carpet from spills and water by not letting them inside the fibres.

The Scotchgard protector also makes it easier to clean stains from the floors. It acts like a film on the carpeted area that stops liquids, debris and dirt from entering.

But only get your carpet protector from a trusted carpet cleaning company. And don’t get fooled by the fake products in the market.

↳ No Shoes Inside

Dirt and dust can quickly turn into mud and ruin the look of your carpet. So the best way to look out for your floor is to keep dirt at the door. You can place door mats at the entrance and tell everyone to remove their shoes before they enter.

Doing so will reduce the dirt and dust getting inside your home. So you can tell your family members and visitors to leave their footwear at the door. Instead, you can give them a shoe cap to wear or insist they wear their socks.

↳Rotate Furniture

Heavy furniture can create dents on the carpet. These dents result from crushed carpet fibres and make the carpet look ugly. They also increase the chances of staining in the area.

You can prevent this by rotating your heavy furniture from time to time. With this, you will spread the wear and tear evenly on the carpet and prevent dark spots. It will reduce the chances of staining and add years to your carpet’s life.

↳Keep Your Pets Clean

Pets are cute, and we can’t live without them. But they are also one of the biggest reasons for carpet stains. They stain the carpet by walking on it with muddy paws and with their accidents.

If you want to prevent this, take proper care of your pets. Here are some things you should do for your pets-

  • Groom their fur with a brush to prevent pet dander from mixing with the stains.

  • Bathe your cat and dog at least once a month.



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