Current Real Estate Marketing Trends June 2022

Real Estate marketing trends
Real Estate marketing trends

Real estate marketing is changing by the minute. To maintain a competitive edge, you’ll need to evolve with the current times and adapt your marketing strategies to generate leads. If you don’t keep up with the newest real estate marketing trends, you’ll fall behind.

It’s becoming more important than ever to focus on SEO strategies to boost rankings on Google and other popular search engines. The best way to do that and make your listing stand out online is by using single property websites. Best of all, these property websites come with built-in lead capture forms to easily collect contact details and email addresses from interested buyers. This gives you the opportunity to send them new listings based on their specific requests, as well as email newsletters.

Besides, the seamless social media integration makes your listing website super easy to share on all social media networks. That way, you’ll get more eyes on your listing and referral traffic back to your website.

One of the most essential aspects of selling a property faster and for more money is giving buyers a vision. They need to be able to imagine themselves living in the home you’re marketing. The tools to transform a room digitally are becoming more intuitive and accessible than ever. The ability to add and remove furniture and offer buyers a vision of what their new home could look like is something that’s helping realtors and agents set themselves apart.

Similar to virtual staging, video tours are great to convey a feeling and get people to fall in love with a property. Videos are excellent for remotely showcasing listings and capturing prospective home buyers’ attention. Best of all, sharing your videos on social media and uploading them on YouTube will generate more leads and referral traffic to your website.

Prospective homebuyers expect to see high-definition aerial shots as a natural part of a property listing. More importantly, they want to get a sense of the surrounding neighborhood. The neighborhood is often more important than the property itself when it comes to buying a home. With the demand for exceptional real estate photography and detailed property listings, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Real estate agents have started to invest time and effort into fine-tuning their social media marketing for real estate by creating compelling content and leveraging social ads.

Interesting blog content, webinars, and YouTube videos shared via social media are proven ways to build engagement and get more leads. As a result, social media will still be one of the most popular and cost-conscious trends in 2022. It’s no surprise that this is the newest and most popular way to market especially due to the pandemic.
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