Emily was wearing this black bralette on a flight from Birmingham to Tenerife when she was asked to cover up

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  • thismornin

    Emily was wearing this black bralette with orange trousers when she was asked to ‘cover up’ by staff on a flight from Birmingham to Tenerife.⁣

    Should you have to dress a certain way on an aeroplane?⁣


  • marsha_a_ashman

    She ain’t naked so what really is the problem 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • maikearns

    Got her on TV which is what she wanted

  • kmacdun86

    She’s in holiday mode! She’s not going to wear her thermals is she!

  • sarahunter15

    I was once on a flight and the woman in front of me and my 8 year old son at the time was so drunk she spilt her red wine down her self then she stripped in her seat half standing half kneeling so that every one could she her to her normal bra and pants to get changed when I brought this up with the flight attendant she laughed at me so I dont she why any one shes this as a problem

  • msmurpham

    @sheerenam yes!! 👌🏻

  • hilssee

    She can wear what she likes. Nothing offence about her outfit!

  • abitohfabulous

    She’s somehow managed to get on TV… bored of it now…😒🙄

  • prettydressfilthymouth

    @frasjane so you didn’t fight for women to wear what they want without being penalised?

  • belleswaby

    Get a jacket on you attention seeking little girl, grow up

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