Garbage and Trash: What You Need to Know

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Americans hold the distinction of being the leading contributors to waste production worldwide. They occupy the top spot when it comes to disposing of waste in a single day. This waste, typically referred to as “trash” or “garbage” in everyday language, encompasses two distinct categories, a fact not commonly known.

Let’s talk about Garbage

Garbage primarily comprises waste generated in kitchens and bathrooms. This category primarily consists of organic waste, such as food scraps, used clothing, paper products, and discarded food containers. Various organizations are responsible for collecting this type of waste. Once collected, household garbage and paper items are typically directed towards Waste-to-Energy Facilities.

It’s important to recognize the importance of waste management and disposal in our daily lives. Understanding the distinctions between trash and garbage can aid us in making more informed choices about how we dispose of our waste, helping to reduce our environmental impact and promote a cleaner, healthier planet for all.

Let’s talk about Trash

Trash is the stuff we toss out from everywhere except the kitchen and bathroom. It could be all sorts of things like leaves, twigs, furniture, odds and ends, clippings, and other items that might fall into the category of potentially hazardous household waste. The good news is that there are folks in the city who come by to pick up all this trash, and sometimes they hire contractors to help out.

Once they’ve gathered it up, the trash takes a couple of different paths. Some of it goes to this cool place called the Waste-to-Energy facility, where things like passenger tires and small burnable items get turned into energy. And then there’s the rest, like shingles, cabinets, furniture, tree limbs, brush, and construction debris, which find their home in the landfill because of their size or the way they’re taken apart.

Remember, knowing where our trash goes and what happens to it is all part of being good stewards of our environment and keeping our communities clean and safe!

Just wanted to let you know that our city has some guidelines in place for waste disposal. They don’t collect certain items like motor oils, paint and related items, garden and lawn poisons, dead animals, acids, and infectious materials, which are classified as Household hazardous wastes. These items need to be taken to specific facilities personally.

Additionally, the city doesn’t handle rubbish produced by contractors. This includes things like wood pallets, sheetrock, roofing materials, wallboards, building metals, pipes, stone, soil, and more. All these items are considered trash, and you’ll need to take them to landfills. Landfills have specific days and times when you can drop off your trash, and there’s a set price for disposal. The authorities are responsible for determining the charges for waste disposal and ensuring that the rubbish is sent to the appropriate facilities.

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