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CES therapy can now help reduce stress, anxiety and even improve sleep, it is worthwhile to consider during the pandemic.

We need sleep, at least for 8 hours. But that doesn’t seem to be the consensus, does it?

When the pandemic began, we thought we would have more sleep, comfortable sleep. It turned out to be the opposite. Cases of insomnia increased and quality of sleep deteriorated. No one could, of course, escape the stress. Throughout the article, you will come to know of new technology which helps with neurological disorders, the devices in question, their efficacy and how to go about purchasing said devices.

What is CES therapy?

CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) therapy is the wonderful news. A current is sent to your brain (through electrodes attached to your earlobes or scalp) and that may reverse a particular neurological issue in the brain. Basically, your brain is given a short and harmless seizure. Now in research, CES therapy has proven effective against many neurological disorders but because of fewer trials, the FDA has only approved CES therapy devices for treating anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Properties of CES devices and how to purchase them

The devices available are feasible, do not have any pre-requisites and are FDA approved. The current that is sent to your brain is harmless (even if it fails to help with your condition, it won’t have any negative effect on the brain). There are too many devices on the market and you need to be quick in spotting the fakes. First and foremost, check FDA approval and only then proceed. Do not use these devices for any disorder other than anxiety, insomnia and depression. In any case, it’s always advisable and harmless to consult a doctor before the device’s usage. Be very aware that even though CES therapy devices help with neurological disorders, they may not (and will not) erase the disorder, unless it is a temporary one.

Usage of devices

Once you have purchased the device, carefully use it. It’s not a magic wand and it won’t erase things by excessive usage. Read the instruction manual carefully. Do not, in any case, over use the device. It may lead to skin rashes due to excessive use of electrodes.

CES therapy is good; it helps and is suggested by many doctors. But since it involves the brain, you must always fact-check everything. Of people who underwent CES therapy, 4% reported mild headaches persisting for 1 hour or less. Now the best usage of these devices would be for insomnia. CES Ultra is one such device. It uses low frequencies, is FDA approved and provided by many companies.

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