How Architectural Signage Provides Strength to Brand Perception


One of the biggest challenges faced by any business, in any industry, is getting customers through the door. While some Mississauga businesses find that radio advertising or direct mail campaigns can help raise awareness, ultimately, making your business easy to find and attractive is one of the best ways to gain new customers.

More specifically, investing in well-designed architectural signage is not only an effective way to attract customers, it also helps improve your brand image and brand awareness. When you’re brand is able to capture the interest of potential customers, not only will they choose to engage with you more frequently, they’ll share your details with friends and family too.

Custom Architectural Signage Can Fuel Your Brand

Signs are a major factor when it comes to brand perception and customer decisions. Architectural signage, being a system of signs around the outside of your building, can make the difference between consumers choosing to enter your location or not, even when they’ve never been aware of your business previously.

When you work hard to improve your image, you’ll most certainly notice an increase in sales. While not all architectural signage manufacturers are the same, working with someone who can produce a high-quality sign that emanates your brand’s story is worth it.

Here are a few ways the right signage can improve your brand image:

  • Custom architectural signage will make your business more memorable. A building with a strong, cohesive visual theme is hard to forget and shows a level of professionalism that will set it apart from its neighbours.
  • Great signage gives customers an idea about your brand and can even provide a promise as to what to expect once inside.
  • When done correctly, cohesive branded signage gives an invaluable boost to your image.

It’s worth noting however, that since quality signage can have such a positive impact on your brand, poor signage can have a hugely negative effect. Many customers equate the quality of a company’s business signage with their reliability, trustworthiness and competence. A poorly designed sign, or even an unattractive one lends itself to poor brand perception and sends a message that your business has inferior products or services. Can you really afford for your brand image to be tarnished due to poor signage?

Get Architectural Signage in Mississauga from SSK Signs

Building your brand is an important part of a successful business. SSK Signs can work with your Mississauga or GTA business to ensure you have the right signage to help you succeed. As an architectural signage manufacturer, we start by getting to know our clients, listening to their stories and then delivering custom sign systems that help them create an exterior that makes an impact.

At SSK Signs, we know what makes great signage and we’ll work with you to ensure your brand is getting the attention it deserves. From the design, to the illumination, placement and installation, we have you covered. For more information on our architectural signage service, contact us today at 647 792 5716.



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