How Can a Lawn Corer Help in Rejuvenating Your Garden?

How Can a Lawn Corer Help in Rejuvenating Your Garden

The grass is greener on the other side. If this is what you think when you compare your lawn with your neighbour’s, then don’t worry.

Say goodbye to dull and dead grass and hello to a healthy one. You can change your garden from unhealthy to rejuvenated with a lawn aerator. You must be wondering what a lawn corer or aerator is. How does it transform the garden?

If these questions are on your mind, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will discuss how a lawn aerator works. Also, we will see how you can benefit by using it. 

So keep on reading further if you are eager to beautify your garden.

How Does a Lawn Corer Work?

Your garden’s soil may get compacted due to many reasons. Heavy foot traffic and the placement of heavy equipment stand among the common factors. Your surface can also face compaction due to rain or heavy sprinkling of water on plants. The water settles down the soil, creating compaction. Whatever the reason for soil compaction may be, it is necessary for you to take a step to change it. Otherwise, the soil will be deprived of proper air, water and other nutrients.

To reverse the compaction, you will need a lawn corer. The aerator works in a magical way. It pulls out soil plugs from the ground, which creates deep and wide gaps in the soil. This process helps in breaking down the congested surface of the garden. But you must wonder how this process helps restore the look of your garden.

Here are the top 5 benefits that explain well how an aerator makes Lawn Care in Adelaide so easy: 

Top 5 Benefits of Using Lawn Corer 

  1. Enriches Grass with Nutrients

The aerator helps in better nutrition absorption of plants. The gaps help nutrients to reach the roots of the plants. The roots then absorb whatever nutrient source you provide to plants, such as manure, water or compost.

  1. Helps in Dethatching 

There are many things that can accumulate in the grass. Dead leaves, plants, stems, and roots can become an obstacle for plants and grass growth. This makes it essential to remove these obstacles. So, with the help of a lawn corer, you can remove dead layers and give space to growing plants.

  1. Strengthen the Turf 

The turf layer, which refers to the grass surface held by roots, covers the majority area of the garden. Additionally, it also has the purpose of creating an environment for other vegetation to grow. So, it has the power to make or break the look of your space. In order to keep the look of turf intact, you can rely on an aerator. How does the tool help, though? The answer is simple. The lawn corer makes enough space for water and other nutrients, which helps grow roots. The proper growth makes roots strong enough to withstand any challenging situation, such as drought or extreme weather conditions.

  1. Creates Space for Seedlings to Grow 

The seeds require proper air, water and nutrients to grow. A soil that is too stiff will stop these elements from reaching the seeds. However, with the aeration process, you can create an ideal atmosphere for the seedlings to grow.

  1. Reduces Erosion of Soil

The compacted soil is not porous enough to absorb water. Thus, it can lead to water runoff. The water can take away the top layer of soil, causing soil erosion. You can stop the erosion of soil by using a lawn corer. The equipment creates enough space between the ground to make a way for water to seep in. Also, the aeration process is essential to stop water from pooling on the soil’s surface.

  1. Prevents Diseases 

The grass can catch diseases without ideal conditions such as water and air circulation. To prevent lawn disease in your garden, you can make openings in the soil with a lawn aerator. 

Conclusion: A lawn corer can rejuvenate your garden by creating an environment for healthy growth of flora. If you want to bring your grass back to life, then you can go for  Lawn Corer Hire. It is better to hire than buy, as aeration is not something you need to do frequently. You just need to use the aerator once in 1-2 years, and you are good to go. If you want a company that provides a quality corer at a reasonable rent price, contact All Equipment Hire.



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