LCD or LED: Picking the Perfect TV for Your Needs in 2024


In today’s world, TVs have changed how we enjoy entertainment. Advanced TV models can give you a movie theater experience at home. But when it’s time to buy a TV, many people wonder: should they choose LCD or LED? With so many options in the Indian market, it can be hard to decide. In 2024, there are many top LED TV brands in India making popular models. To help you choose the right one, let’s compare LCD and LED TVs to see which is best for you.

Let’s evaluate LCD vs. LED TV displays and understand the best LED TV brand in India:

1. Energy efficiency:

LED TVs are more energy-efficient than LCDs. Because in the LCD vs. LED TVs, the LEDs replace fluorescent bulbs with light-emitting diodes. For instance, the 32-inch best-LED TV brand in India consumes ten watts less power than the same LCD TV screen. Moreover, the difference in power consumption increases as the display screen size of the TV increases.

2. Size and Display:

In the LCD vs. LED display, the countless diodes fit in the same plane to avoid increasing the array thickness no matter how many diodes are present. The light-emitting diodes of the best-LED TV brand in India are considerably smaller than fluorescent lamps used in LCD TV monitors. 

An LED screen of the best-LED TV brand in India is one-third the thickness of an LCD screen of the same size. Therefore, in the LCD vs. LED display, the LED panel is thinner than the LCD.

3. Viewing angle:

The edge-lit LEDs have a slight disadvantage in the viewing angle compared to LCDs in the LCD vs. LED display due to the position of the light source. However, the direct-view LEDs offer a better viewing angle than LCDs because of the evenly spread light in the best-LED TV brand in India.

Also, with more innovation coming into the picture, there are more curved LED models that offer the best movie binging experience. Opting for such curved screens will offer you a great pitch and clarity. 

4. Response time:

In the LCD vs. LED display, the response time gets measured in milliseconds. The faster the response time, the more acceptable the image quality produced. Response time is the time to shift from one colour to another colour. Usually, the best-LED TV brand in India has a better and quicker response time than LCD screens. 

5. Contrast:

In the LCD vs. LED, the LED displays use full-array backlighting over only one significant backlight. Thus, the best-LED TV brand in India offers better contrast than LCDs. Moreover, the LCD backlight technology only shows white and black, but the LED backlight technology emits the entire RGB spectrum.

6. Maintenance:

In the case of an LCD, you need to replace the entire bulb if it gets damaged. In the LCD vs. LED, the LED display uses a smaller diode. However, if the diode gets damaged, you can replace it easily. Thus, the best-LED TV brand in India offers less maintenance cost, and it is cheaper to maintain.

Also, no matter which TV model you invest in, proper care and maintenance are a must. You must keep your television dust free as it hampers the quality of the picture. 

7. Better for eyes:

In the LCD vs. LED, the LED TV screen provides the best option to dim the backlight and other eye-comfort features. Moreover, the best-LED TV brand in India offers a wider viewing angle without damaging the image quality. Thus, the LED display screen is far better for the eyes than an LCD screen.

There are many brands like LG, Onida, VU, etc. that employ a blue light filter on their TV screens which limits the emission of harmful rays that affect the eyesight. 

8. Cost:

The LEDs work on the newer technology; the LED display price is higher than an LCD. However, it is when we are considering the purchase cost of the LCD vs. LED. Alternatively, if we think about the lifespan and maintenance cost, the best Smart LED TV brand in India turns out to be cheaper and budget-friendly. 

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