How Using Proper Signage Can Help Your Business During COVID-19

During this time businesses are having to re-learn a new “normal.” Every business and person is having to adjust to social distancing, wearing a mask and generally being very cautious about doing everyday things. Having proper signage can not only help protect the health of your employees and customers but it can also help people be reminded of what is needed of them to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Having guidelines to follow from the CDC, small and large businesses
are having to use all forms of signage. With having to relearn many things,
your business is most likely going to need to redirect your customers in a lot
of ways and teach them the new ways that your business operates. Many forms of signs can help you and your business get through this difficult time.

Wayfinding/Directional Signs:

One big thing we have seen businesses doing are limiting the amount of entrances and exits so they can properly account for the occupancy currently in the store or office. Whether using A frames, window or door graphics, floor graphics, there are many ways you can help direct your customers. Hospitals and medical facilities are a great example with using wayfinding signs to help separate COVID cases from others.

New Information Regarding Your Business:

As the nation tries to get back on its feet many businesses are still running on limited hours or only, curbside pick up, only take out etc. Whether having window graphics or banners your customers will benefit from
knowing how to access your business and services in a more efficient way,
hopefully encouraging more business during this difficult time. One of the best things is keeping your customers notified about any changes regarding your business!

Hygiene Signs:

95% of store fronts or offices have posters, window graphics, or banners promoting a healthy hygiene. Wear a mask. Definitely do NOT touch your face. Cover your mouth when sneezing our coughing. Sanitize your hands as much as possible. I am pretty sure we have all heard it many times by now but continuing to reinforce these things are very important when trying to fight COVID-19.   


At Visual Signs we want to make sure your business is doing everything it can to succeed during this time. We care about you, your employees, and your customers health and want to continue to help fight this! Visit our page where we show many options to choose from regarding COVID-19 related signage or give us a call to receive a free quote at 407-693-0200. We are all in this TOGETHER.



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