Five Things to Consider Before Designing a Truck Wrap


Graphics on commercial vehicles are a great way of promoting your brand and business. But it is not just a case of taking a billboard and slapping it on the truck. To realize the full potential of truck wraps, you have to design them just right. Keep reading to find out how you can develop creative wraps for your vehicles, generate leads, and turn heads on the road.

According to a survey conducted by 3M, fleet graphics have an average annualized cost of $0.48 per thousand impressions, which is seven times less than other outdoor advertising!

1. Creative truck wraps

The first step in designing truck wraps – or any signage – starts from the point of inspiration. You will be in a much better position to create eye-catching truck vinyl wraps once your creative juices are flowing. Look at pictures and ideas on Instagram or Pinterest for, around Orlando, or to your business’s output for inspiration.

2. Use digital templates and photographs of the actual vehicle

It is a temptation for many owners and truck wrapping companies to design wraps based solely on digital templates. Beware! 3D models on the internet will not precisely match your vehicle; there will be subtle differences in creases, cuts, and fixtures, like door handles and lights. Make sure you: (1) validate the template by comparing it to your vehicle; and (2) overlay the design on photographs of the truck before finalizing it.

3. Clear messaging and call-to-action

Whether your truck vinyl wrap is intended to be a simple branding tool or a visual showpiece, you must have a clear message. That means keeping the word count low, the message simple, and providing an easily followed call-to-action. Start by asking what the wrap’s purpose is – is it advertising, branding, or promoting social media? What kind of engagement do you want to drive? Phone calls? Online form fills? Social media engagement?

4. Don’t ‘overdesign’

One of the most common mistakes we see on the road is overcrowded wrap designs. Commercial vehicles are art in motion, which is why your design has to be legible for passers-by at a glance. Too many design elements, long pieces of text, and intricate detailing will go to waste; worse, they can make the wrap look like a jumbled mess. Contrasting colors and easy to read fonts are essential for maximum effectiveness.

5. Not all companies offering “truck wraps near me” are the same

A good wrap depends on expertise, experience, and equipment. Smaller units in Orlando don’t design or print wraps in-house, nor do their installers have a lot of experience installing wraps. Don’t search for “truck wraps near me.” Come to Visual Signs instead. We install high-quality vinyl wraps. Our materials are made by reputed companies like 3M; our adhesives are proven and safe. Our customers trust our wraps to resist fade and peeling for years.

Looking for wraps for your vans and trucks? Talk to a Visual Signs designer about your truck wrap ideas. We work on all types of vehicles, offer affordable wraps and professional installation.



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