Laboratory Ozone Generator –Effectively Purify Air and Ensure Health Improvement

ozone generator 200YN 450x225 1
ozone generator 200YN 450x225 1

With the increasing air pollution, use of commercial ozone air purifiers has gradually increased. Many ozone generators are advised based on their ability to eliminate odors and microbial agents and health improvement.

Most of the laboratory ozone generators are specifically developed for applications in laboratory, research and development. Many of such generators come with hourly output features which aid users to set the time with operating and pause switching times. The integrated air pump delivers up to 5 liters of output every minutes. Such generators also consist of 3 ozone-resistant Teflon tubes for the 6.5 mm connections, an air dryer and a water diff user stone.

Laboratory ozone generator is a small air-cooled unit that is smartly designed for bench use incorporating function indicators, feed gas flow meter and variable output control. Such generators output variation is manually adjustable using a control knob fixed on the front panel. Effectively operated on various feed gases such as oxygen or dried air, this generator is smart enough of producing 10% volume concentration.

As far as ozone production is concerned, it takes place when dry air or oxygen gas is passed over the ceramic dielectric of an ozone generating module which is run by high frequency power board. And such electronic power board is designed for either recurrent or continuous operation.

If you are running commercial institution, odor problem is common that you always want to get rid of. So if you miss you air smelling clean and fresh, get ozone air purifier that is smartly designed for the hardest odor jobs. Truly, it is a right way to stop masking the odor by knocking it out as its source. Let’s glimpse over some of the best alternatives available in the market today.

HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air)–This air purifier is a kind of filter that easily remove 99.97% of particles in the air. This mesmerizing air purifier are very effective at trapping airborne particles but exactly they don’t remove odors, chemicals or gases.

Activated Carbon Technology –Since such filters are made up of high absorbent molecular-sized pores, it help users in filtering activated carbons with ease. It easily capture and hold on to pollutants like chemical emissions, gases, tobacco smoke and odors. They are also effective at absorbing formaldehyde which is commonly found in carpet, wood and furniture upholstery.

Ionizer Air Purifiers –Air Clean ionization work is done by creating ions with both positively or negatively charged molecules. Air is passed into the purifier through an electric field that either takes or adds or takes away an electron from the particles passing hassle-freely through it.

HEPA and Activated Carbon Blend – Air purifiers that pattern both HEPA filters and activated carbon technology are able to eliminate airborne particles, and at the same time filtering out many types of gases and unpleasant odors.

So whether you are running a commercial business or a laboratory, these purifiers will definitely provide the latest air purifying technology without the harmful effects of ozone.

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