Master’s Degrees in London: Top Universities and Cost of Living

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Embarking on a Master’s Degree in London offers an unparalleled academic experience, and the city’s vibrant culture adds a unique dimension to your education. As you plan your journey, here’s a guide to popular universities offering master courses with placements and an overview of the cost of living in London.

Popular Universities for Master’s Degrees

  1. University of East London

    • Master of Business Administration with Placement Year

  2. Brunel University

    • MSc in Corporate Brand Management with Placement

    • MSc in Management with Placement

    • MSc in Marketing with Placement

  3. University of Greenwich

    • MBA International Business with Placement

  4. Middlesex University

    • MBA with Integrated Placement

    • Various MSc programs with integrated placement

    • MA programs with integrated placement

    • LLM Human Rights Law with Integrated Placement

  5. London South Bank University

    • MSc in International Business Management with Placement

    • MSc in Marketing with Placement

    • MSc in Marketing Communications with Placement

    • MSc in International Marketing with Placement (all business courses offer a placement year)

Cost of Living in London

Living in London is dynamic, but budgeting is essential. Here’s a breakdown of typical monthly expenses for Master’s students:

  • Accommodation: £800 to £1,500

  • Food: £200 to £400

  • Transportation: £80 to £150

  • Utilities: £100 to £150

  • Internet and Mobile: £20 to £40 (Internet), £10 to £30 (Mobile)

  • Miscellaneous: £150 to £300

These are estimates; actual costs vary. Create a detailed budget to manage finances effectively.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Master’s degrees in London can be costly, but financial aid options are available:

  • Government Scholarships: Explore UK government scholarships.

  • University Scholarships: Research merit-based scholarships.

  • External Organization Scholarships: Many organizations offer scholarships.

  • Educational Loans: Investigate loans or aid programs, especially if you’re an international student.


In conclusion, a Master’s degree in London provides academic excellence and cultural enrichment. Navigating education in this vibrant city contributes to personal and professional growth. Explore institutions, secure financial aid, and embrace challenges for a transformative educational voyage. Best of luck on your journey in London!



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